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I agree that the Lord will conform me more into His image as time goes by. Sometimes almost unknowingly I'm in my old heart and way of thinking. Showing charity to others from the heart is a deed that I seem to only be able to do through much daily bible reading prayer and meditation. Otherwise that old sin of mine of impressing and being impressed desguises itself as Christianity and takes hold of me until I realize later that I've tricked myself again.

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'To be open and real about it I have to lay aside the sin that so easily entangles me everyday. Am I the only one in here that battles w/ sin everyday? If so please pray for me. "The prayer of a righteous servant avails much"'

He who sins much loves much. Temptations come and go, but we must always remember that God is Love and to walk in his perfect love is to walk according to his will. This is an area that I have struggled in for a season and the enemy has known this. I purposed in my heart that no matter what, I will walk in his love. If we sin daily, because of the cross, and the price that was paid then we are changed daily, we are renewed daily our minds are renewed no longer are we or will we be conformed to the image of this world but changed by the renewing of our minds. Because our ultimate GOAL is to please him and to walk according to his precept.

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God wants to change us more and more to be like him!! He will keep making us who he wants us to be! If we sin we have an advotate in the Jesus!

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Thanks brother but I am actually sister! No offense taken though except the worrying reality that I have obviously been mistaken for a bloke!

Oops! Apparently there is a strong resemblance to your member name ;-)

Mike Balog

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