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 The Wait Is Over!!

After being laid off almost a year ago because of the economy devastating the company I worked for for 12 years... and working almost 11 months as a temp for almost half the income with no benefits.......

This morning I received a very generous offer from a local company, a salary offer more than where I was a year ago... with full benefits etc!!

God is good, ain't He!


 2012/4/12 13:30

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Nottingham, England

 Re: The Wait Is Over!!

God is so good indeed.

That is the news we have been waiting to hear.

God bless.

 2012/4/12 13:40Profile

 Re: The Wait Is Over!!

Bless God! We rejoice in your good news Truly God takes care of his own. May your new job be a blessing to you and you to it. Truly there is no economic slowdown with Jesus.


 2012/4/12 13:42

Joined: 2003/11/23
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Fantastic! What a mighty God we serve!


 2012/4/12 13:46Profile


Truly there is no economic slowdown with Jesus.

This is true... this is a large company with 8 or 9 plants around the US. Family owned, and it's a Christian family. During this recession their sales and manufacturing have grown and they have aquired 3 other companies!

The company started in 1929... the year the Depression started.

Everything about them is the opposite of what you would think concerning the economy.

I love Jesus' economy!


 2012/4/12 14:11

Joined: 2008/4/12
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Hampshire, UK


This great news and a great testimony for the Lord's faithfulness. I am pleased for you

It is funny how we can all wonder what is happening in the midst of situations when nothing seems to be working out right....but then God steps in gives us a bigger blessing than we would have dreamed of asking for.


 2012/4/12 14:24Profile

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Independence, Missouri

 Re: The Wait Is Over!!

Praise God brother.

Robert Wurtz II

 2012/4/12 14:25Profile

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New York

 Re: The Wait Is Over!!

Praise the Lord!

I rejoice with you Krispy.

 2012/4/12 14:28Profile

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 Re: The Wait Is Over!!

Brother I can't tell you how wonderful this is!

I was unemployed for 5 months last year and it broke me in every way possible, but the Lord was faithful and at the very last minute I got a phone call... I know the Red Sea well, I felt like Moses but the Lord split the sea for me and it's great to see that He has done the same for you!

PRAISE THE LORD!!! I'm so happy for you, you made my day!

 2012/4/12 14:49Profile

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That is great, Krispy.

Tell us what the Lord taught you through this trial. How did He use it in your life to help you apprehend more of Him? I'm sure your testimony will benefit all of us.


 2012/4/12 15:12Profile

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