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KrispyKrittr wrote:

Love Keith's music and ministry. Imagine... he died 22 years ago. How much more would he have done in that time? He did more in his 28 years than most people do in a lifetime.

But God knew what He was doing.


Amen, sure thing, it was Gods work, and it isn't done when the servant dies, Gods Holy Spirit works and is not limited by the amount of years the servant serves

God is a great God, and really great Gideons to start this post, and really great to read the replies :-)


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 Re: When I Hear the Praises Start (A Song by Keith Green)

Brother Keith helped keep me alive in my earlier days with Jesus. I look forward to seeing him on that Day. I will hug his beautiful neck...after I've checked out the Master quite thoroughly of course.

I think Keith left at just the right time. God knows exactly what He's doing, IMO.

If you can read this: Love ya brother Keith!

Steve Lindsey

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thank you for posting those keith green songs. how come all Christian artists do not have the same lyrical depth that he did? the Lord surely blessed him! i started reading the book 'no compromise' about his life and may i say it is well-worth! not only his music, but his life really reflected Christ and gave Him the glory! something we all are trying to pursue :-) thanks again~

in Christ,


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Yes Keith Green is great. If he hadn't of died, today he'd still be at an age where he could tour.

I don't know why God allowed the plane to crash but you could see it was a part of God's plan that's why Keith and Melody had that eery conversation about what to call their son before he and his children boarded the plane. But maybe one reason why God alllowed him to die was so that Keith Green and his ministry did not have a chance to be corrupted by the CCM scene. Keith Green had a full life but a short life. When I read that Keith Green was considering to stop playing for some time maybe forever as he thought pride was creeping in himself, I cant think of the word but I thought that's a real devotion to Christ. You wouldnt see any Christian artists considering let alone doing that these days.


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