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 "Suing the Devil"

this is something interesting i came upon:

i pray this does NOT devolve into denunciation, but rather a hopeful frame of mind, that there are some out there, trying, to bring a God centered filmed work into the marketplace.

go easy saints, brother Chey, the director IS trying.

 2012/4/12 7:29

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 Re: "Suing the Devil"

Hey Neil

I watched the video, I am not familiar with this movie but I do get what this man is trying to say. I think that many young christian and people in general have got so use to the idea that the enemy either does not exist that it does allow him a foot hold in their life. I also think for many its a "self life" preservation thing, if they don't believe there is an enemy to GOD, then there can't be a hell where sinners go. If there is no devil and no hell then there is no need for JESUS in their life daily. Of course much of Hollywood entertainment attempts to play the devil off as either misunderstood, nonexistent, or a tool to be used to gain power, evil is no longer evil in many movies of today.(twilight comes to mind)The things of this world and the "tools" the enemy uses to attack at times are so subtle that many do not even realize they are at war...

Very interesting topic, very thought provoking, thank you for sharing this.
God bless

 2012/4/12 9:25Profile


what drew me to this, was what the director was saying, and in my spirit, i could discern in him no falsehood, and that made my heart leap.

its a very very trying and troubling world to make a living in, the entertainment industry that is...and much more so for any follower of Jesus, that endeavors to use that medium as a witness, i pray for him.

i've noticed in my walk with Jesus, that when either a Korean or Chinese person gets gloriously saved and filled with the Holy Ghost.....satan watch out!

i been to quite a few Korean prayer meetings, 20 to 30 saints, and i tell you, i have never witnessed such REAL wrenching soul travail and tears...nothing cooked up, nothing in the realm of fleshly emotionalism, but its like time stands still, it takes your breath away......

forgive that sidetrack, i just praise God i am OUT of the entertainment industry, and hid away for a season, God bless you my dear sister, neil

 2012/4/12 10:05

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