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 Leading someone to Christ

I believe it is Gods will we as his followers should all strive and work for and seek opportunities to lead men and women to the Lord. There are no "recipes" for this or methods, there are wisdom and examples in the word to feed and learn from.

Since i am convinced if we as followers of the Lord try to be on fire for him he will put people in our path if we allow him to use us as his instrument. I post here some messages that over the year inspired me, gave me a few pointers, pointed out "faults" or things i could improve in my conversation, relationships at school, workplace family etc.

The best witness and leading someone to Christ have i found is our life, how we live, speak, and act in everyday life, but sometimes there will be situations where we will sit down with someone and really have an opportunity to speak.

these messages have helped me make the most of such situations and i hope they can be of help to others so i share them.

no method or words are of any worth without God and being lead by him. With that in mind I hope someone will be blessed by these.

One thing you can't do in Heaven by Mark Cahill

Helps In Soul-Winning by Gerhard Du Toit

Are You A Soulwinner? by Denny Kenaston

Attitudes That Defeat Us In Soulwinning by Denny Kenaston

Drawing The Net by Denny Kenaston

How to Win a Soul by Denny Kenaston

Lead a Soul to Christ by Denny Kenaston

The Effective Use of Questions by Denny Kenaston


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 Re: Leading someone to Christ

Amen dear brother. As of late I have been very convicted and encouraged of the Lord to trust Him to bring souls to his kingdom. May we be used of God. is a ministry to get tract scripture booklets from.

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 Re: Leading someone to Christ

I can second the recommendation of the Denny Kenaston sermons, they are a wealth of helpful instruction to assist the heart that is burdened by the Holy Spirit for the souls of men.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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The Lord has been intensifying the urgency to share Jesus with people. My prayer partner and I pray 3 times per week for souls, mostly family, and we also pray for Divine Apts. In person, on the phone, on the net. We dont dictate to the Lord but ask to have God's heart and be led by the Holy Spirit.

And Hallelujah! We are totally amazed and thankful for what the Lord has done and is doing. It is awesome. There are no words to describe how God is moving and our prayers are being honored by Him. We have a time before just worshiping Him and thanking Him for the prayers heard and answered. Giving Him praises & glory.

I have gotten Gospel of John's and been praying ahead of time to give them to people who the Holy Spirit is leading me to. I pray that the Holy Spirit will open eyes to see, ears to hear & hearts to receive what the Spirit is saying when they read it.

I mailed several off and one in particular wrote back and said "show me the way". In the front has a simple illustration of The Bridge - showing our separation from God due to sin and Jesus being the Bridge to unite us with God. Very simple but effective. Many people wont pick up a big ole Bible but will be more apt to read the Gospel of John.

So, last night, a person we have been praying for a lot. Praying a spirit of suicide would be lifted. And God did it almost over night and orchestrated things in his life as to lift him and the despair & depression left and gave him hope. All glory to God. And last night he talked for about an hour.

Then the Holy Spirit took over and quieted him and I began to share as the Holy Spirit led and it was so awesome to watch the Holy Spirit. You can tell when it is the Holy Spirit and the person is listening & receiving.

I noticed I was reminded of Scriptures to share at the appropriate times etc. but it was my love of the Savior, my honesty of my sins and failures and the love & forgiveness of the savior and how I am walking in the joy, peace & love in the Holy Spirit because I receive God's plan of Salvation for myself that when I stand before God He wont see all the garbage from my past but sees my Savior & me. And the person sees how I made wrong choice but God forgives and says go and sin no more and how He gives us new life. Every morning is a new day, a fresh day with our Savior. And that I love Jesus much because He has forgiven much and we can have so much joy because He is the glory and lifter of our heads.

There is no formula for me. Well, I guess in a way there is. Pray . Listen to the Holy Spirit . Be real . People can tell when we have a formula or dont have the love & passion for Jesus - just Scriptures or words. It is our own experiences and relationship with the Lord that will bring people to Jesus.

In fact he said that last night. "I wont listen to a person in a tie & suit who just came out of college. I want to hear from the ones who were on drugs, down & out etc. I want to hear about what God did for them. That is what inspires me."

I am not great with words as so many of you are here but I pray you hear my heart. The harvest is ripe and the laborers are few. I get alone with the Lord daily, pray & read & listen & enjoy Him. I ask for Divine Apts., ears to hear and the grace & boldness to follow. And for those He brings my way for them to have eyes to see, heart to receive.

It is the most awesome adventure to watch the Holy Spirit working. And He gets all the credit because I know it's not me.

Last night this young man had the seeds watered and God gave the increase. He has a deeper understanding of the savior & his need for Him. He said, "this was good." And the Lord has been the lifter of his head and given him hope and is orchestrating a beautiful situation for him which is a total miracle & he knows it is God. All praises & glory to our God for His loving kindness and care for us.

I pray the Holy Spirit will stir us all up to walk uprightly before Him, keep our hearts pure, quick to repent, quick to hear and with a passion for the Savior take us to people who need Him. That we go in the realness of who He is to us. Amen and Amen

In John I was reminded that Jesus said, if you abide in me you can ask anything in my Name and I will give it to you. And we ask for souls Lord, souls for Your sake & Your Kingdom.

Ps. Also, I have been putting it all on God. I tell people when they want to argue, "we have a Creator who created us to have a relationship with Him. And Jesus is His plan of Salvation & relationship for all mankind, not mine." But I put it on God is the point. He is God and this is His plan - we have a choice -

Bless us all Lord & give us the Holy Spirit's boldness to share and lift You up and You will draw all men unto Yourself. Giving You all the glory! Hallelujah!

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For too long many have sought to bring others to Pastors and Evangelists, neglecting their own expertise gifted at salvation. For too long many have sought to bring others to Christ by any number of preconceived methods. I thank God that He is bringing His saints to His power which looks nothing like the power of the flesh so often exercised in our generation. The power of prayer brings glory to God.

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