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 " God is in search for a people..." A message from Rev. Loran Helm (March 1987 )

(Brother Helm was with us on this earth from 1916-2006 and is now Home in heaven with Jesus Christ, This is a man who truly walked with God moment by moment and he lived what He preached and God's words and teachings through him have forever changed my life and the lives of many others .)

Dear Beloved in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Greetings in the Holy One of Israel, the Great God of Our Salvation, the Bishop of Our Souls, the Ancient of Days, the Everlasting Father, the Counselor, the Mighty God, the Prince of Peace, the Lily of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star, the Rose of Sharon--Jesus, the Stranger of Galilee.

Jesus said in the fourteenth Chapter of St. John, " If ye love me, keep my commandments." Now all who really love Jesus, who love God with all their heart, will follow Jesus faithfully. " If ye love me, keep my commandments." Love

comes by total commitment and forsaking all as we yield ourselves after confessing our sins and iniquities and letting God have preeminence and Jesus His holy indwelling. This great love of God flows through us as the old carnal nature is slain out. But as long as our carnal nature is within us there is a divided spirit- a little love for the world and a little love for God. But Jesus, the Son, the Beloved of the Father, the Only Begotten of the Father, God, the Almighty Jehovah said: " If ye love me, keep my commandments."

Now to love Jesus with all our heart, with all our might, with all our mind, with all our soul, with all our being, means one-hundred percent effort and whole hearted trust. It means continual obedience, because if we do not obey it reflects that our love is very shallow, if any. Now when I said," if any," God says," Pray" Our love is shallow or not the depth it should be. So we have to die constantly to the self and let it be denied and crucified continually in order to love Him with all of our heart, for He said, " If ye love me, keep my commandments."

When He was here with the multitudes, about all forsook Him and fled. Many of the precious ones wanted to do his will, but wanted to sleep when He requested they pray, He said to us, " If you love me keep my commandments." and I know it's by God's grace that I can do this, for: " The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? " " Keep thy heart with all diligence, for out of it comes the issues of this life." When our heart is completely yielded to Jesus, doing God's will by following the Savior constantly and continually, then the Holy Spirit will help us in the fruits of love, which are the after math of following.

In conversation with a dear one the other day we were talking about revival. " You know," I said, " revival comes by following Jesus." Now there are times when Gods sends revival up and over situations and circumstances, But I believe revival usually comes, or could come, if we'll follow Jesus. Revival simply means the fire of God is inside us, that we are communing with God; that the Holy Spirit intimately is working as we yield ourselves to follow the Savior. He said," If ye love me, keep my commandments." His commandment is to deny our-self and to take the cross, to let this self be crucified upon it-which is dying from morning to night to the earthly desires, to the fleshly wants and aspirations, to truly forsake all, to leave all. It is to not save our life, because he that will save his life shall lose it.

For many years my burden has been that many of us in the church are working so hard to save ourselves: to arrange the program for convenience, to arrange the program of the church so it will work out for good. We will work it out for our families good and for the school's good. Oh, we labor here and there to work situations for the sake of convenience. The tendency is to save ourselves, to work everything to the good of ourselves. But Jesus said, that he who would lose his life for His sake and the gospel's SHALL find it. A person who is willing to lose his life for Jesus' sake ( and He said only a few would be willing) would find this life. We must constantly do that, because if we want the blessings, the miracles, the signs and wonders (which are all wonderful) that is what we will be working for. But He was wanting us, if we really love Him, to believe - not to do our own will, but do the will of God, following Christ to love our neighbor as our-self and not make requirements and requests; not want a lot of questions answered: because carnality never ceases to ask questions; but the spiritual man or women who follows Jesus unquestionably will receive the answer in seconds or in years to come, whatever God's will is.

When we love Jesus we keep His commandments. That is to go the second mile, go the third mile, go the fourth mile, go beyond what is required. When the Lord gives us His guidance, then we go that way and complete it. For instance, today I felt impressed that I should send money to a certain organization, which feeds the poor. I also felt that I needed to write John and Jane Langdon and express my appreciation to them, because in 1959 he started leading the song services for me in many churches. I didn't have very many with me at that time because my brothers were in different places during those days. It was a number of years before my first staff member came to assist us. I felt like I wanted to express appreciation to John and Jane for helping us: for the hundreds of deposits made, for the many times of sewing. Twenty-five years ago John would come and work on things needing repair at our home. I knew today that I was to send them a few words of thanksgiving for all that they have done: for the upholstering, the sewing, the deposits, the books, the thousands of receipts for this and for that.

We have many families who have helped us so marvelously and if I were to attempt to name each of them I wouldn't get done for a long long time. Many times when I pray I try to lift all the men who helped us build our home. My heart wants to cry out, "Oh, Jesus could you touch them or bless them when they think about those hours, those days, they spent helping us thirty-four and five years ago? " And for all those who have helped us the meanwhile, I have often found myself down on the steps of our home or somewhere around saying, " Lord thank you for everyone who pounded a nail in this place." My wife’s father worried that we wouldn't get enough nails in the house in 1952 and 1953. There were eleven hundred pounds of nails driven in those boards. That's many thousands of nails, I try to be thankful for all those that pounded the nails, who sawed, who worked and labored on our behalf. I try to be thankful for my brother Richard, who managed the building of it for many weeks. The Lord helped me to raise money so he and his family would have some income. Then many would come to help during the week or on the weekend. So we are to show gratitude, and we are to be obedient in that which the Lord would have us to do. If God lays it on your heart to go over here and take care of this situation, then we are to do it. " If ye love me keep my commandments, " Jesus said.

His commandments are not grievous; but they do require inner death. They require a separation from the world and the fleshly desires. They require us to pray, to read God's word, to witness and obey, to deny ourselves, to follow FAITHFULLY, to commune in the heart, to cry out, to trust, to be close to the Lord. " If ye love me keep my commandments." If they smite you on one cheek, he said to turn the other. If people murmur, love them, He said, " Judge not lest you be judged." WHEN WE FIND FAULT WITH ANYONE WE'RE NOT LOVING JESUS-WERE DOING THE OPPOSITE. When we complain about anyone, were not loving Jesus-we're doing the opposite. When we make certain judgements about anyone, were not loving Jesus. " He said if ye love me keep my commandments." So when we make a judgement were not loving Jesus- we're doing the opposite. When we are harsh and hostile, we don't love Jesus-- we are doing hurt and injury. When we are impatient and jealous, we are not loving Jesus--we're doing the opposite of loving Jesus. When we have resentment in our heart about someone's failure or about someone not doing what they ought to do, that's the opposite of love. We're not to have resentment. Resentment and love are opposites. Love is understanding and compassionate in the midst of trials, tests, struggles and conflicts.

When we love the Lord we pray and read His word. We meditate upon it and we go the second and third mile. I preached thirty years ago on the half- miler. I never heard anything like it, I have never read anything like it; but I preached on the half-miler. Then there is the second miler, the third miler, the fourth miler and the last miler. " If ye love me keep my commandments." So when we do God's will, we're doing what God is saying for us to do. We're going where God would have us to go when Jesus is leading and God is guiding us. It is imperative. It's urgent that we walk in the light as He is in the light, to have fellowship one with another and the Blood of Christ, His son, to cleanses us from all sin.

We pray for wisdom and knowledge and understanding when we love Jesus. When we love Jesus it's because our heart is pure and the love goes out to our neighbor, to our enemy, to our friend, to our children and to our companion. The true test of Christianity is how we live at home with our companion, with our children, with our grandchildren, our brothers and sisters, our neighbors. He said, " If ye love me... " It seems to me that God's heart has been broken quite a bit of the time since the fall of Adam because man rather loves self, loves the things that will help him and benefit him, get him more recognition, more money, more things. Jesus said, " If ye love me keep my commandments."

How much do you love Him really? Of sometimes we love Him enough to go a little ways. We love Him lightly, or slightly, or a little less, or more, or much, or an abundance, or immeasurably, or somewhat. He said, " If ye love me keep my commandments." What is the measure of your love for Jesus? You may find it in how you love your neighbor and your enemy, those who will be mean to you. We're so thankful that God's word is true and we can depend on it, There isn't anything that's too hard for the Lord. I was in meditation this morning crying out in my heart, "ALL things are possible with God!" The Lord said, similar things to Abraham and Sarah, you know, when the angels were there. We must have faith. I need more faith. It seems that I have so little faith. I need more love, Holy Spirit love. That comes by following Jesus and doing God's will, being obedient. Trying to have faith without obedience in not so good, is it? When you obey the Lord, it's because you love him. He is then able and willing to give us faith, purity, holiness of heart and the right perspective.

We are trusting for God to make a way as we are in need. In Jesus holy name we trust that each of you will be strengthened and helped along the journey. Praise the Lord for all you are doing for one another in Christ's name. Amen Loran W. Helm (1916-2006)

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