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 Re: I love the book of Revelations

Personally, I also love the book of Revelation...

It is a book of comfort because it assures one of victory after a tiresome battle. Battles are no fun, a test to our faith and patience.

I love the descriptions it gives of Jesus' abode like it is described in chapter 4, for example. Read it and imagine it - wow! Beautiful.

I get the sense Jesus loves for us to anticipate the eternal bode of his children. It fills one with so much joy and delight in anticipation of it. Since this is the case I no longer mourn deeply for God's children who have made it 'home'.

Then you have people argue about the book...seems to me that this debating tarnishes its message. Not only is it warning us of trials ahead and the rewards given to its victors it is also warning the sinner to repent!

God bless.

Sandra Miller

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Amen GR & MJ. There is still so much I dont understand but as Carter Conlon once said, the Holy Spirit doesnt reveal everything all at once to us but in His timing etc. PTL for this. Thank you for sharing your insights. Isnt He wonderful and such a life hand and hand for such a time as this. All glory to God!

Love ~

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