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 Repentance From the Small by Sammy Tippit

I've been writing the past several weeks about the necessity of repentance. I'm convinced that there will be no true revival in the western world until there exists a spirit of repentance among God's people. But I'm afraid that when I speak of repentance, we have the tendency to think of someone else's need of repentance. However, it's often what we consider the small sins in our own lives that hinder a mighty sweeping revival in our churches, communities and nation. It's the little things that can be so powerful.

Not long ago I was preaching a citywide evangelistic meeting in Brazil. We were having marvelous services. The stadium in Sao Louis was packed on Saturday evening. When I left the hotel to go to the stadium, I had spent much time in prayer and was prepared to proclaim the gospel to the 20,000 people in attendance.

I walked onto the soccer field, shook a man's hand and greeted him. I was only standing there for about thirty seconds before I was to go onto the platform. All of a sudden, I realized I was being bitten all over my body. I was covered with ants. That's right. These little creatures had attacked me in mass. I ran off the field and directly into the restroom. My clothes were covered with ants. They were in my hair, ears, and inside my shoes.

I had to be rushed back to the hotel. I showered down to get rid of the ants and was given medication. I then returned to the stadium. I preached and thousands came to Christ. I laughed with the pastors afterwards and said, "the devil has done a lot of things to try to keep me from preaching the gospel. But that's the first time he sent ants to attack me."

I later thought about what had happened. One of God's smallest creatures almost shut down a great evangelistic campaign. Then I realized a great truth: it's the little things that thwart the noblest plans of God's people. It's the "small things that prevent us from being effective for Christ." Perhaps we need to remember the question God asked the prophet Zechariah, "Who despises the day of small things?" It's the small things in your heart that make you usable in the kingdom of God and it's the "little sins" that hinder your effectiveness for Christ. Don't despise the day of small things. Small things may determine how far you go or how fast you run this race of life. Find victory over the small things and you'll find victory in the major areas of your life.


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