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 some thoughts

You know that as Christians we (or at least I) try to prioritize what is God’s time and what is ours. We try to put our Christian life into neat little brackets, but I have come to find out that is pretty much legalism. See, we will say we must at least pray one hour daily, read at least five chapters in the Bible, and witness to at least two people. While that isn’t bad in itself, I fear we have replaced a lifestyle of dedication to the Almighty with, “If I do these certain things everyday, then I am at a good place with Yahweh.” We then aren’t lead by His spirit, but a man-made tedious requirement that only leaves us feeling empty at the end of the day if we didn’t accomplish what “we” set out to do. Far be it from ourselves to replace Yahweh and His directing. Here is a quote I acquired from reading The key to Holiness by Charles Spurgeon: “Christians think if they were to devote a part of their possessions, a part of themselves, or a part of their time, that would be enough. Oh, but Christ did not buy a part of you! He bought you entire-body, soul, and spirit-and He must have you, the whole man. Oh, if you are to be saved partly by Him and partly by yourselves, then live to yourselves; but if God has wholly set apart to be vessels of mercy (see Romans 9:23) fitted for His use, oh, do not rob the lord; do not treat as common cups those things that are as the bowls of the altar.”


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 Re: some thoughts

Brother if we're fully surrendered to Christ it's all His time (it's not my car, it's not my anything). So I spend my time as He directs. That's it. That's not legalism, it's a surrendered life to Christ.

I think we're saying the same thing by the way. God bless.

Ed Pugh

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