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 Penny phenomena ???

I was at a healing Revival meeting last night,
The kids were told to stick pennies on the wall, without glue, to
Build up their faith, the weird thing is, the pennies where sticking?

So what has happened to the word of God to build
Up our faith?

So then Faith comes by Hearing, and Hearing BY
The word of God. Romans 10:17

 2012/4/6 13:09

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 Re: Penny phenomena ???

We must be very much in the word of God in our day. Matthew 24 and other scriptures should be memorized. We need to realize there will be false signs and wonders in the last days but the preaching of the truth of the Gospel and of Christ will be lacking. Many will be deceived. We need to be full of discernment and seeking Gods will and His cross in our life. Those seeking only healing, pleasure, a happy life for themselves will be decieved.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2012/4/6 13:22Profile


Those seeking only healing, pleasure, a happy life for themselves will be deceived.

Would you be able to explain why this is bad? All three of these are not evil, depends on how they are viewed.

I seek healing for my soul, I need God to heal me.
I seek God for pleasure, joy is one of the fruit of the Spirit.
I seek God for a happy life, because my past was not happy.

After reading your posts from time to time in other threads, I believe that your saying that if a man seeks healing ONLY and not the God that heals. If a man seeks pleasure ONLY to satisfy himself. And if we ONLY seek a happy life and fall away when things get tough will be deceived.

Is this how your meaning your words brother? Sincerely asking.

 2012/4/6 13:46


I believe what Greg is saying is that those who view God as some sort of Santa Claus in the sky... only seeking things with a selfish desire, and not willing to suffer for the sake of the cross... those people will be decieved.

To quote Keith Green:

"Bless me Lord, oh bless me Lord,
Ya know, it's all I ever hear...
No one aches, no one hurts
no one even sheds one tear

But He cries He weeps He pleads
And He cares for your needs
And you just lay back
And keep soaking it in
Can't you see it's such sin??"


 2012/4/6 13:58


As for the pennies... the reason that they seemed to be sticking to the wall was because they were actually putting them into electrical outlets!!



 2012/4/6 14:00

 Re: Penny phenomena ???

So what has happened to the word of God to build
Up our faith?

If I was a child and I was told to stick pennies on the wall without glue and they stuck, that would build my faith up considerably. I would be able to ask God for anything. Yes, it's looks trivial, but so was putting mud on the eyes of a man. Why not just touch the man, why the gimmicks? Why was it necessary for captain of the Syrian army to dip himself in the Jordon seven times, why not just speak the word? None of the material methods is of any value, it's obedience that God is drawing out of us. It doesn't sound right, it doesn't look right, it looks weird, if feels sensational, with all those reasonings, will we do it anyway?

If you or I being a highly respectable person in the Church community is asked by God to go and marry the local harlot, would we? It's not the fleshy look of it, it's the obedience!

So what if pennies staid on the wall without glue, if they truly did stick by the force of faith, then by the power of God it was done for a reason. The scriptures tells us plainly that no man can do these things unless God is with him. Lying wonders are not produced by faith. They are just that, lying.

What looks weird to us maybe the very thing that is needed to crack our stiff ways.


 2012/4/6 14:01

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