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JiG said

I just wanted to say that we can't form our eschatology by just reading the Revelation.

EXACTLY! Well put!

 2012/4/5 20:29


THANK YOU LISA. There's only one problem - My laptop won't get to my yahoo account. I can only get to my email from Dad's place and on his computer. I don't know why my laptop won't open yahoo-mail.
We'll figure something out. I'm determined to have that book.
I was wrong in my last post ... as soon as I went offline - the pages that weren't showing weren't there, once I disabled the wireless - so definitely, will try to figure out why my laptop won't pick up yahoo email. I believe it's insisting that I download the latest IE but I haven't wanted to download anything new. Anyhow, I 'think' that's what the problem is. Will find out.

Thanks again. Much!

 2012/4/5 20:59

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I have uploaded the PDF file that Lysa linked to from Scribd to Sendspace which allows sharing of large files. By the way, most email servers won't allow users to send email attachments much larger than about 5 Megabytes. The file in question is THE HOPE OF CHRIST'S SECOND COMING by SAMUEL TREGELLES and is just over 24 Megabytes. The document is originally from 1864 and is undoubtedly in the public domain. There is nothing illegal or even unseemly about copying and sharing this document. You could even sell it if you could find someone so daft as to offer you money for it. Anyway, download and enjoy here:

This link will not last for more than 30 days after the last person has downloaded it. So if you share this link, keep this in mind. Sendspace is a free service. They have a paid service that does allow you to store files in the "cloud" for as long as you keep an account current with them.

 2012/4/6 0:03Profile


Thank you very much, True Witness. Very good of you.

I never downloaded from there before and just learned a lot.

If anyone else wants what TW uploaded for us - click on the light blue bar just below and center that says 'download' and not where the title of this book is. I downloaded two programs on my first two tries :) Not too savvy.

Blessings, True Witness, for a true blessing to me.
GOD Bless you!

 2012/4/6 1:28


jig hop on board with firefox and try that browser. IE has always been known as a bug trap.

 2012/4/6 20:19

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