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 Religion vs. Relationship

I just had to post this after I read it on another brother's journal today:

Religion vs Relationship

"We don't have religion, but we have a relationship with Christ."

This is true and the very basis of my faith, but it can't be something I just say, I have to live it! Religion is capable of sneaking into our relationship and it is something I had to make sure that wasn't creeping in my life. Religion can look like a relationship; Religion can pray, do good things, tell people about Jesus, and read the bible everyday. What makes it a relationship with Christ then if these things are shown in "religious" Christians?

Philippians 2:13 says, "God is working in you, giving you the DESIRE to obey Him and the power to do what please Him."

God hit me with the word DESIRE! Sure I can pray everyday, but do I DESIRE to meet with him? I can love others but do I DESIRE to love them? Do I DESIRE to read his word? Do I DESIRE to live selfless? There are so many things I can do that show outward signs of a relationship with God, but it is religion unless I DESIRE to do it!

Let the DESIRES of my heart to be obedient to God's word!

(Joel Henney)


Amen! -Chanin


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 Re: Religion vs. Relationship


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 Re: Religion vs. Relationship

Thank You Lord Jesus for teaching us this through Joel. What a blessing.



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