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 Spiritual Warfare

I might have posted something like this before but here goes again. Does anyone have spiritual warfare experience? I am a believer who knows the Bible but has bad iniquity pre and post baptism. Looking for someone to possibly counsel me and be a prayer partner. I really want freedom... freedom to serve Christ. Thanks for your help and prayers


 2012/3/30 17:10

 Re: Spiritual Warfare

Brother, you're not finding a Brother in your area?
You know that's what I've been praying for you.
Much safer.

You'll stay in our prayers and His Love!!

 2012/3/30 17:20


I have found people and they have laid hands on me and helped but I haven't found anyone who can actually cast out the demons or counsel me in a way to change things.

I've read several articles on and it has been helpful.
Thanks for your posts Jesus-is-GOD they have been encouraging.

 2012/3/30 17:25


Blessings Noah. I don't think the issue of conquering sin is always a "demonic" problem.
Even Jesse Penn Lewis in her book didn't direct people to have these demons cast-out 'by' someone else - but to call a lie a lie and get heavy into His Word. His Word cleanses us and is "living" and the rest is Faith. Faith that He loves you. Faith that He's cleansed and forgiven you. Faith that the work that He's begun, He will conplete. Total Faith in what He has written in His Word.
He honors when we look solely to Him and His Word. He would never neglect a soul that is diligently seeking Him through prayer and His written Word. No matter how long a person has been 'rebellious' - if that's what you're feeling - well, look at the prodigal... if he can come back and be given a new shot at life with the Father - I'm sure you are being offered that as well. You just need to truly pray while you read His Word and ask Him to help your faith issues. Faith comes by hearing the Word. Surely does.

We're rooting for you, Brother and will continue in prayer with you and hope doesn't let us down - the Word says.
You take one step and He takes two, or 102, for us :)
Chin up - looking unto the Author and Finisher of our faith.

 2012/3/30 20:59

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East TN (for now)

 Re: Spiritual Warfare


I do agree with Jesus-is-Lord, get into the Word.

The only reason I am posting this book by Derek Prince called "God's Medicine Bottle" is that in it he provides how God heals him of a physical and detrimental disease in the desert during WWII. BUT! He states that he read the Bible like a prescription... 3x a day after every meal!!

Three to six hours a day in the word would bring much freedom to your weary soul. Since you would be spending so much time in the word, removing the television from your house during this time would help. (And the computer) So you have no distractions.

I would also pick one day a week and fast that day until the Lord tells you to stop.

I believe that Christians can have demons but like JiG said, getting in the word and adhering to it (consistently) will run most of them off. If after three to six months of following this regimen, you still have a problem, there are several options after that.

God bless you in your fellowship with Christ and the Holy Spirit!!!


 2012/3/31 10:26Profile


"We're rooting for you,"

Thanks JiG.

"Three to six hours a day in the word would bring much freedom to your weary soul" -Lysa

I believe it! I will try to start a regimen of reading. I know it works because I have tried that before and have found lots of power in it. I used to read psalms through every week or so while in an institution.

My psychiatrist recommended taking fish oil with high EDA or something... anyone heard of that? Krautfrau?

I do much better just denying this one particular sin in my life. But then God brings other things into my life to work on. I think of the saints of old who have fought painfully to deny the flesh even unto death. They did it because of Him they will stand before:

9 “I kept looking
Until thrones were set up,
And the Ancient of Days took His seat;
His vesture was like white snow
And the hair of His head like pure wool.
His throne was [h]ablaze with flames,
Its wheels were a burning fire.
10 “A river of fire was flowing
And coming out from before Him;
Thousands upon thousands were attending Him,
And myriads upon myriads were standing before Him;
The court sat,
And the books were opened." -Daniel 7

I read this two days ago and got insight into the thousands attending Him. I hear voices and sometimes I ask them things. I asked them about the ancient of days and they said "He's not like [material things], He's the being who created all these things [then pointed to the trees and stars]" They said it with an awe. I just can't imagine such a being as beloved, gracious, and all mighty. Can you ?

 2012/3/31 11:38


Hi Brother Noah. The fish oil stuff is "EPA" but be sure to find Fish Oil that says, "purified to remove mercury".
I believe strongly in supplements. Magnesium and B & D3 vitamins and Lots of C [as much as your stomach can handle - a few times a day] and some zinc. Of course there's tons more, but on a budget - these would keep your immune system safer and help with nerve repair.
If you live in the States, in the produce section there's a refrigerated line of juices that are made from tons of good things. I won't give any brand names, but the green juice is loaded with stuff.
Eating healthy and avoiding soda, coffee and anything with caffiene [if you can] is good too.

So happy to hear about you going for The Bread of Life! :)

The LORD prosper you and give you Joy.

 2012/3/31 23:48

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 Re: Spiritual Warfare

Noah, I have posted a testimony of such an incident but under what thread, I do not recall - do not even remember the time frame in which I shared so I will post it all again here for whatever edification it may be to you.

OPPS! Just noticed what time it is, I have to run. Will be back later today, Lord willing, and share this incident. And if you happen to find it, GOD bless you! :-)


Sandra Miller

 2012/4/3 11:15Profile

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 Re: Spiritual Warfare

Brother Noah:
I am adding to the excellent advice already offered by others that you should try contacting Dr. Jim Logan at Biblical Restoration Ministries. This type of thing is his specialty and he does not charge for counseling. He is a man of the word and very caring. The phone number for him is 712-277-4760.

There are also a lot of resources on his website

Some of his sermons are also on sermonindex.

God bless you.


 2012/4/3 13:53Profile

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Noah, I googled pertinent words and found the thread I was referring to. Here it is:

Be blessed.


Sandra Miller

 2012/4/3 19:36Profile

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