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Is tithing for the New Testament church?

marvin geddings

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 Re: tithing

Is tithing for the New Testament church?

I believe having ALL in common is what the new testament church taught and practiced.

Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house. Malachi 3:10

"Instead of the Law commanding the giving of tithes, He taught us to share all [i]our[/i] possessions with the poor."
-Irenaeus (180AD)

"On the monthly day, if he likes, each puts in a small donation - but only if it is his pleasure and only if he is able. For there is no complusion; all is voluntary."
-Tertullian (197AD)

"They used to sell houses and estates so that they might lay up for themselves treasures in heaven. They presented the proceeds from them to the apostles, to be distributed for the use of the poor. However, now, we do not even give the tenths from our patrimony!"
-Cyprian (250AD)

"Give to the priest those things that are due to him- the first fruits of your [thresing] floor and your wine-press."
-Apostolic Constitutions (compiled 390AD)

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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for some earlier thoughts on this topic please click here

Ron Bailey

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If you're going to keep one part of the O.T. law, then you must be prepared to keep all of it. By the way, in the O.T., tithing meant a lot more than 10%, and there were several different tithes.

Giving is to be led of the Spirit, generous.... and without compulsion.

I agree w/the statements of the 2nd generation church fathers, and with Paul.

Malachi was written to the nation of Isreal who were still under the Law.


 2005/2/3 10:24

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 Re: tithing

Tithing is a false doctrine within the context of the New Covenant ekklesia. The church has brainwashed the adherents into the practice and will browbeat the fire out of you for even questioning the validity of it...even to the point of "cursing" you based on Malachi 3. Just logical comparison with the Scriptures blows the "church tithe" teaching out of the water without even having to delve within the realm of revelation knowledge of what Yeshua fulfilled for us. Thank God we have been set free from and trancended the "rudimentary elements of the world." The Holy Spirit does not allow anyone to drag me back to these. We are warned to beware of dogs, you know.

The Spirit has given me a strong teaching on "brainwashing" during the last year or so. I've seen the extent to which 'church' has installed false, unscriptural notions into the thinking processes of believers who will not be diligent in the Word for themselves and allow the Spirit to "brainwash" them into the mind of Christ. It's a tragedy. And, we've yet to see the true extent of the problem, I think.

Steve Lindsey

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 Re: tithing

I have a problem not so much with whether we should tithe as I do with how we tithe. Under the old covenant, the tithe belonged to the ministers who served in God's temple, not to the temple itself. It was the only inheritance they had. The tithe of the 7th year was split between the priesthood & those who served in the temple, & the widows & orphans in Israel. The temples were built & maintained by free will offerings. Today it's just the opposite. We built great monuments to men with tithe money, Instead of taking care of the needy among us. I truly believe a servant is worthy of his hire. I think our leaders should be paid a competitive salary for the job they do, & the excess tithe money should go to taking care of the needy among us. If we want a nice building to meet in, then let's reach deep into our pockets & pay for it; but don't take money earmarked by God for something else to build these huge monuments to men.

wayne freeman

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 Re: tithing

To me it's very simple. If you dont like the church you go to enough to support it then you should go find one you do like and support that one.

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mophi wrote:
To me it's very simple...

In many cases in the word thats true, good point. :-)

Zeke Oosthuis

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I must be way off here, I always thought the tithe belong to the Lord, and why did it not say bring the tithe to the church bldg. instead of the storehouse? I looked in my Greek Hebrew concordance for storehouse it took me to the scripture below, was there even a church bldg. during Malachi times? I am here to learn is why I ask these questions, If the storehouse was the church bldg. why would the scripture below say the birds don't have a storehouse that would almost be sarcasm would anyone really compare a storehouse or church bldg. with something that a bird could possibly have? I don't know I am really confused about this tithe thing but I am a very opened minded person, just want to learn.

Luk 12:24 Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls?

Mr. Bill

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I have a question...I'm not really sure what i belive if tithing is for New Testement or not. I know giving is, so I give either way. But.. If tithing is not for new testement then when in church history did it come about? Does anyone know?

Josh Parsley

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