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 This is hard BREAD,..are we to eat it with SHOES on our feet?

This morning while thinking on the Lord,..and things of the Lord,..

This is the Bread ,...

*If we continue with things in our hearts,..SINS,..things that are against
God,..and do not repent,..( turn around and go the opposit way),
Like unforgiveness,..lying,..hatred,..(all the things that the Word says we CANNOT enter into the kingdom of God with,..or because of),..and we allow these things to cling to us,..
These things shall burn up,...and if they are still clong to us when we die,..
then ,I believe He showed me,..we will burn with them.
**Mt. Except ye shall repent, ye shall all,likewise perish...
But how often does He mean 'REPENT ' ?
* we have been called by His Name,...the Seed,...The Word that He put into our hearts to draw us to Him..and His Name is everything that He stands for.It is the Word of God...Remember,when we were going out into the world,..our Dad 'would say,' now you know you have a name', ..He meant,Live up to what that name stands for.
His Name is our name, when we are born of His Spirit.
* The Lord' Prayer: 'Hallowed be Thy Name,'...His Name is already Hallowed,..He wants it Hallowed IN us.

Do I like to say these things ,...NO !.! !,...THEY ARE HARD SAYINGS,
But isn't it a late date ?

And it frightens me to put this here.

* the Lord is my Teacher,I am shareing my daily Bread.

NO,I have not arrived !

in His love,

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