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 Open-Air Preaching Story

[b]Open air Preaching Story [/b]

After having an open air training session at a friends house a large group of us went to Sundance Square for witnessing. We arrived around 9:30pm. At night time when the sun goes down and the churches are shut up tight and the devils children come out to play we as Christians must go out to be the "street lights" in the darkness. This dark world of the night needs us to be illuminating with God and shinning the spot light on secret sins hidden from the day time.

So sure enough the kids of Satan were out doing what they do best. There is a spot that has proven to be a great fishing hole which is right in front of the Comedy Club and the movie house. There are always people coming in and out of those buildings and others waiting at the corner to cross the road.

Since I had spoken on open-air at the house meeting I felt pressured to be the first one to preach open-air, and rightly so. I had to attempt to show what I had talked about. I had suffered and agonized the birth pains of many fears in order to give birth to this open air sermon.

[b]America America!![/b]

I started the open-air sermon as strangers walked the sidewalks by saying "America! America! Home of the brave. Home of the free! Or is it?? Maybe, maybe America is not free. Maybe America is not free at all. Maybe America is in bondage. In fact, America is the most enslaved nation of all of history because of sin." I then went on to preach about "sin, righteousness, and judgment to come".

[b]Nothing to attract them, accept a fire![/b]

It was not long at all until a nice size crowd had gathered. This was a great relief to me since I had decided not to do anything special to draw a crowd except burn for God for all to see. The people came to hear what I was preaching!! Although I sometimes give out cash with trivia questions and will do so some more in the future, I did not feel I was to do so this time.

[b]Mockings of hecklers!![/b]

Hecklers came right away! My first heckler was a wild looking man who soon started behaving wild as well. His comments were the normal "Your not suppose to judge people!" and "Your doing more harm then good". He even stood up on the brick flower bed I was preaching on to mimic and mock me. He pointed the finger to the crowd and said "Your all a bunch of ****** and your all going to hell!! I got nervous thinking that someone might think we were actually together!! As much of a distraction as he was causing, I tried to go around him and continue preaching to the crowd.

I wish more people could see that when we preach like this we are not "casting stones" but rather we are throwing out a rope for those drowning in the sea of sin and death.

Two young guys, maybe my age, were standing in the crowd listening puffing proudly on their cigars. As I was going through a list of sins I slightly tapped on the topic of smoking which I was hoping may stir them up a bit. It sure did. "What are you talking about smoking for? There's nothing wrong with it!" Since I once had a terrible addiction to smoking I felt at liberty to say "oh yes there is! The Law says 'thou shalt not kill' and your killing yourself!" What could be more deadly then actually in hailing literal poison?? They attempted to justify themselves by saying "but I've accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior". Many today say "Lord Lord" and yet do not do what He asks them to do.

Another man tried to come up close to me to talk to me and attempted to tell me his testimony. Rather then ignoring the crowd I had worked for to listen to this one man, I asked the man to wait until I was done if he liked so I can continue to preach to everyone. "Unless you repent you will all likewise perish" seemed to be the sum of my message.

[b]Police protection?[/b]

Police have never really bothered the open-air preaching that has been going on in Sundance Square which is still quite surprising to me since police apparently abuse ther power to take away the free speech that they don't like in other cities. Tonight some people called the cops on us. It's a good thing when the devil gets scared enough that he doesn't know what else to do but to call the cops. But when the cops showed up they told the people "Sorry. This is public property. We can't do anything about it." A victory for God's side!!

After this we had gone to what is called "The Stock Yards" where there are bars and cowboy clubs. The entire area looks like an old western set up. Most of us had never been there before so we walked around and scoped out the battle field to decide where the best place would be to attach sin head on verbally. Finally after seeing it all I could see many spots that would be great for open-air preaching, however it was getting too late and there was still over a two hour drive back home for us so we decided to hit the road.

Both the session at the house and the open air preaching was filmed for a documentory I've been putting together and hope to make it available online soon. I will update everyone through my e-newsletter. It had been awhile since I had preached open-air and I've been longing for it. Now that I've had a more recent taste, I'm starving for more!

 2005/1/31 4:52

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