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 Smoking in the Ministry

I recently discovered a small Christian coffee shop in a town near mine. It is housed in a ministry called St. Matthias Mission. I was pleased to find that they have a sizable fellowship of young people which hang out there. They also provide for the needy in whatever way they can. I was excited about the prospect of getting involved, but the very first time I went there, I was choking on cigarette smoke. They weren't smoking in the front of the shop, but in a back room. I believe it is actually the ordained Episcopal priest who runs the place who is one of the smokers. I don't know that for sure, yet. However, I can't see myself having much respect for leadership who smoke cigarettes or even one who would allow it to go on in a place of ministry. How do you all feel about this? Sincerely, Dian.

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 Re: Smoking in the Ministry

I would write them a letter talking about respect, respect for nonsmokers who want to be healthy and respect for the temple of God, which our body is if we have the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. Matthew 18:15 says tell them privately first.

That is despicable for Christianity. I hope you will take some action, at least tell them what God thinks about such things from a biblical perspective. If you don't speak out, don't complain about it. But don't gossip, tell the ones who are committing the sin first.

Dear God, please forgive our sins, please guide spitfire to follow Your Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ to do what is right and speak Truth. You are Holy, your people must press into Holiness also to know You more. Help us draw closer to you more and more. Thank you Lord God for Your presence and hearing our prayers. In Jesus' name I pray, amen.


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 Re: smoking

I am going to be real honest... i don't like smoke and I've never really smoked- and probably a year ago, I would have been offended by a christian place where they smoke.

But.... lately the Lord has showm me sooo much garbage that i had hidden in my heart (worse than wanting to smoke- if you ask me) that I have no right to judge someone for a habit that is hard to break.

I am not saying that smoking is ok. I am just saying that the Lord may be dealing with that person already- if not, then what we can do is PRAY!!! Pray that the Lord will help them overcome and show them that this is not healthy or right for them.

Just because someone smokes does not mean they aren't a christian or are not really searching. I know a couple of wonderful guys here on SI that have had to give up smoking. God dealt with them in His time and His way.

I guess right now, I feel too poor in spirit to be judging people when I know that i have done some horrible things myself. I have harbored feelings and attitudes in my heart that have only produced bad fruit. To me, this is worse than an "outward" act like smoking.

In His love, Chanin


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 Re: Smoking in the Ministry

Hi Dian,

How timely and interesting...

After just coming back from a most incredible little journey, might have just a slight twist on all this. But first, as far as it concerns choking the people out, goodness, where is the respect for our brethren. I would be the first to raise a 'stink' about this and yes, as was mentioned in private, but also because...

I am one of 'them', "Gasp", pun intended!

Greg can attest and also appreciated his non-judgmental attitude about the whole thing while I was there the last two days.

Being amongst our precious brethren on Saturday, these that are homeless and many who smoked...made me feel right at home on the one hand. On the other was the nagging albeit somewhat subdued at the present moment, knowing that I must part with my beloved flesh craving addiction.

There is a couple others who I have spoken with who have struggled with this and maybe just some perspective. Have been under extreme conviction in the past year at times, or so I thought and still am somewhat unsure if that was really the root of what the Lord was trying to get at, at the time. I do know that I have often failed miserably trying to rid myself of these dreadful things on my own, in my own strength and even with much prayer... sigh

It does seem that at times there are more pressing concerns to deal with than the ones 'we' think are important to the Lord at any given moment. Not trying to talk myself out of anything here. Have a full plate of concerns with all that is going on at home, domestically, financially, the state of the souls in my sphere of influence, IE: 'family matters'...

But that doesn't change the fact that it is ...[i]STUPID![/i] What's that line? "[i]If God wanted you to smoke, He would have put a chimney on top of your head[/i]" ?!

So as far is it concerns ministry, there are first concerns that are far weightier than the chimney heads, but please... To subject the non-smokers to this in a in-closed room, goodness I can't stand that and I smoke. We quit doing that kind of thing in the house years ago especially after we found out the effects in can have on children, and that it is a great cause of ear infections for one... You cannot even smoke in any buildings out here bars included, I believe. Thought this was similar across the country.

Anyway...a couple of butt's for ya... Welcome your prayers

Mike Balog

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I once heard a preacher say that he was asked if someone would go to hell if they smoked..his reply was "well, it will sure make you smell like it." Haha sorry if you dont think that is funny, i thought it was.

Josh Parsley

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 Re: Smoking in the Ministry

It's interesting that we would all come down quickly and say that one cannot be a crack addict and go to heaven, but cigarrets, which are a drug in the same fashion, are at times acceptable for Christians because society thinks it to just be a "nasty" habbit.

Jimmy H

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 Re: Picking up stompies

Mike your a good guy.

Zeke Oosthuis

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 Re: smoking

I probably came across pretty harsh when I placed that original post. I used to smoke, and I remember how difficult it was for me to quit. I remember getting down to one cigarette a day and still struggling just to stop with that. But, I do believe it is a big deal and it reveals the true state of our hearts. Just ask yourself, why do you smoke? Isn't it for comfort? A relief from anxiety and pressure, right? Isn't that God's job? So when we turn to something else for it, isn't that idolatry?

Please don't get me wrong. I don't love smokers any less than non-smokers, but I do believe it reveals idolatry. It was true for me, and I honestly still don't think my heart is pure enough to be leading others. I always tell those who do submit themselves to me, I'm just one struggling person trying to help another struggling person. At least if we are going to continue in sin, let's call it sin. And if we call it sin, then let's face the fact that habitual sin disqualifies us to lead. Sincerely, Dian.
And Mike, you know I love you, Brother. :-D

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1Corinthians 6:12 All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.

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lately the Lord has showm me sooo much garbage that i had hidden in my heart (worse than wanting to smoke- if you ask me) that I have no right to judge someone for a habit that is hard to break.

That too true for me...

James Gabriel Gondai Dziya

 2005/1/30 16:19Profile

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