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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


"The Lord Christ compels no one to come to His glory..." - Felix Mantz, p. 415
"The thiefcatcher following him broke through [the ice], when Dirk Willems, perceiving that the former was in danger of his life, quickly returned..." from the story of Dirk Willems, p. 741-742
"Wake up, and give heed; you certainly see it is not in human power what the Lord enables us to do, that we can leave our dear children, yea, joyfully resign our lives, for the honor of God." - Claesken, p. 611-616
"Only love to God shall stand and prevail; not boasting, denouncing, or threatening." - Michael Sattler, p. 416
"Ah, how finely your teachers and pastors now give their lives for you!" "It is the truth which I have taught you, and I will testify to it with my blood." - Thomas Hermann, p. 422
"I never in all my life was in a holy church." - Fije and Eelken, p. 484-485
"Do you then take such pains to seek souls? Well then, go into the city, to every place, to the drunkards, whoremongers, swearers... these are still your brethren; go and seek their souls; Christ has found mine." - Hans van Overdam, p. 486-494
"I shall never taste death." - Weynken, p. 422
"What shall I do? the more I cause to be executed, the more they increase." - the Burgrave at Altzey, p. 437
"Christ has taught us that we should not hear a stranger's voice." - Jerome Kels, p. 445
"You can take from me no more than my life." - Offrus Greizinger, p. 448
"But where you hear of a poor, simple, cast-off little flock, which is despised and rejected by the world, join them." - Anna of Rotterdam , p. 453-454
"I have no desire for this wine; but I hope to drink the new wine, which will be given to me above in the kingdom of my Father." - Gerrit Hasepoot, p. 560
"I will tell to the world an incredible thing: in a dark hole I have found pleasure; in a place of bitterness and death, rest and hope of salvation." - Algerius , p. 570-573
"I will gladly go with you, and we will rejoice together.." - Maria van Beckum and Ursula, p. 467-468
"Oh, what a joyful feast will be prepared for us before the clock strikes twelve!" - John Claess, p. 468-471
"Ask me, and I shall answer you: for I no longer feel the least pain in my flesh, as I did before." - Elizabeth, during torture, AD 1549, p. 481-482
"I never had a joy that did not perish, as I now have." - Anneken, p. 494-495
"Oh yes, the power of His Spirit is not weakening in me." - Govert, p. 495

"It is because we are not willing to be imprisoned and in fear and tribulation with you, but in about seven or eight years I will promulgate the truth aright and make great gain by it." - a religious teacher in Louvain, AD 1550, p. 497

"What would you do for your faith? not much, I think. Hence repent, before you are brought to shame." - Catherine, burned at the stake, AD 1551, p. 503
"Children, do you want to go along to the New Jerusalem?" - Jan de Swarte, p. 664-666

"My lords, save three stakes; we can all four die at one, for we are spiritually of one mind." - Grietgen, p. 503

"Let us fight valiantly, for this is our last pain; hereafter we shall rejoice with God in endless joy." - Joris, Wouter, Grietgen and Naentgen, p. 503
"Christ has gone this way before us; and His beloved apostles likewise, and we His servants are not above our Lord." - Adrian Corneliss, p. 526

"Christ does not say, 'Them that will not believe you, shut into cells or put great fetters on their legs.'" - Joos Kindt, p. 540-546

"I am ready any way, to put off this flesh, whether in the fire or in the water, before the hall of justice or here in this fire (the fire on the hearth); it is not big enough, make it bigger." - Joos Kindt, p. 545

"Though I am simple before men, I am not simple in the knowledge of the Lord." - Claesken, p. 612

"Do you think we run on uncertainties? ...We forsake our dear children, whom I would not forsake for the whole world, and we stake upon it all we have - should we run on uncertainties yet?" - Claesken, p. 613

"I can speak of what God has given me; that I know." - Pieter Witese, p. 548-549
"Peat and wood, peat and wood!" - from the story of Augustine the Baker, p. 553

"It is not our way to ask each other: Where are you from? or what is your name? for we well know our blood is much sought." - Claes de Praet, p. 554-560

"But where are the tears which we have shed, my dear wife, over our past sins, when our souls were wounded even unto death, yea, sunk in hell?" - Thomas van Imbroeck, p. 578-582

"Take heed to yourself, that you abound with this precious Spirit ; for of that with which one is filled He will bring forth. Regard not the joy and pleasure of this world..." - Joris Wippe, p. 584-588

"They embraced a faith which the lords and princes could not understand, and hence they had to suffer." - Gotthard of Nonenberg, p. 590-591
"This is the true way to eternal life, which is found by so few, and walked by a still smaller number; for it is too narrow for them, and would cause their flesh too much pain." - Jan Jans Brant, p. 617

"Our church has not (as has the Roman church) the emperor or king for her helper, but emperor, king or prince diligently seek to destroy her." - Hans Vermeersch, p. 631-633

"Think of that day which no one can escape, in which you will regret it, unless you become converted." -Willem de Kleermaecker, p. 645-646
"Here I forsake wife and children, house and home, body and life, for the faith and the divine truth." - George Raeck, p. 646

"Seek for the only joy." - Soetgen van den Houte, p. 646-651
"O Lord, thou art forever in my thoughts." - Joost Joosten, p. 651
"Fear the judgement of God, which He shall hold, to condemn you to eternal fire." - Kalleken Strings, p. 652-654

"These limbs God from heaven gave; therefore, I will willingly surrender them for his law's sake." - Lauwerens van de Walle, p. 652-654

"Schut, sing us a song" - said mockingly after the death of John Schut, p. 654-655

"This is the strait gate, press through it; through this pressed the men of God, for he that fights steadfastly unto the end will be saved; of this I have no doubt." - Heyndrick Eemkens, p. 660-661

"I do not want to lay the cross of Christ aside." - Conrad Koch, p. 686-688
"How is it my dear sons?" Jacob Dircks, p. 724-725

"They are already too wise in themselves, already helped, who so openly forsake Christ, in avarice which they style only industry, in pride which with them is only neatness, in adultery which they term only friendship." - Valerius Schoolmaster, p. 726-731

"My dear friends, what a dark place it was formerly with you, and what dark places there are still; but you have obtained mercy." - Jan Thielemans, p. 731-736

"One who related it to me had heard her sing with a clear, strong voice the 17th psalm of David..." - said of Claudine Le Vettre, p. 737-738

"..You bind not me but yourselves." - Jan Wouterss, p. 897

"I further cannot forbear, but must greatly thank you, my dearest, only wife, for having been such a dear, faithful wife to me, for more than nine years; the time has passed by so rapidly, that I am surprised." - Jan Wouterss, p. 913
"This is the day of salvation." - Jan Wouterss, p. 899

"The drunkards, idolators and the like, know how to help themselves with the Scriptures; but alas! with such fig leaves they wrong themselves, and suffer themselves to be led by the learned like the ox to the slaughter." - Jan Wouterss, p. 923

"They intend to scatter the whole flock at Meenen. Hence let everyone keep as quiet as he can." - Wouter Denijs, p. 759-761

"'Calling names breaks no bones; one can do it seated as well' and I offered him a chair." - Jan Hendrickss, p. 942

"Yes, you will show me such mercy that I shall have my head cut off." - Hans Knevel, p. 945

"...He declared that he did not feel free in his conscience, thus to row [into battle], seeing he had no enemies; they might deal with him according to their pleasure." - Jan Smit, p. 962

"Therefore my dear sister in the Lord, adorn yourself with the fine linen of righteousness, in honor of your Bridegroom until the days of tribulation shall be at an end." - George Kleemaecker, p. 966

"O my beloved wife, I commend you, and all them that fear God, to the Lord and the Word of His grace." - Jan van Hasebroeck, p. 770-774

"I do not believe the anointing with oil of which James writes has anything in common with your oil, for the oil of which James writes healed the sick." - Jacob de Roore, the Chandler, p. 774-785

"I cannot thank and praise the Lord sufficiently, that He so comforts me in my tribulation, and that my mind is still fixed to fear the Lord with all my heart all the days of my life, according to my weak ability." - Clement Hendrickss, p. 834-841

"Let us constantly remember the days of our illumination, and how little we then were in our own eyes, when we humbled ourselves under the mighty hand of God." - Joost Verkindert, p. 848-863

"Neighbor Evert, what is your wish? if you seek me, you can easily find me; here I am at your service." - Anneken Heyndricks, p. 872-874

"In this place we are confined; but we see and often speak with one another, which is a great joy to us." - Ydse Gaukes, p. 889

"And who had thus led me astray? I said, 'My former life'..." - Ydse Gaukes, p. 888

"Behold, my children, this way has no retreats; there are also no byways, that lie on the right hand of the left... If you do what I write, you will see me again in great glory... Maeyken van Deventer, p. 977-979

"The Lord takes away all fear; I did not know what to do for joy, when I was sentenced." - Maeyken Wens, p. 979-983

"Oh, how easy it is to be a Christian, so long as the flesh is not put to the trial, or nothing has to be relinquished; then it is an easy thing to be a Christian." - Maeyken Wens, p. 979-983
"I leave you here; Oh, that it had pleased the Lord, that I might have brought you up; I should so gladly have done my best with respect to it; but it seems that it is not the Lord's will. - Janneken Munstdorp, p. 985

"It is now all over, I soon shall have conquered my last enemy... Oh my dear sister, how glad I was that I had kissed you once more." - Janneken Munstdorp, p. 990

He said to his wife, "Trijntjen Jans, lamb, there comes the wolf;" exhorting her to boldness and to answer without dissimulation. - Hendrick Pruyt , p. 1005-1007

"The jailer said, 'Louwerens, run out too." - from the story of Louwerens the Shoemaker, p. 1036

"Thus they sang until close to the water's edge, where they were to be drowned." - Jacob Mandel and Hendrick Sumer, p. 1057

"Now, my brother Jacob, since we have traveled together so long. let us know also journey together further, through this temporal death into eternal life." - Hendrick Sumer, p. 1057

"...For him that commits himself to the Lord, and is possessed of love, nothing is difficult; had I not experienced this myself, it would be impossible for me to know that it is so easy... Only now do I feel within me the inexpressible grace and mercy of God, and His love, and how we therefore ought to love Him in return." - Claesken, p. 615

"I am ready to suffer my head to be struck off, much rather than apostatize from my faith." - Hans Haslibacher, p. 1128-1129

"For when we consider that the world is rather a prison, we can perceive that you have rather escaped from than been committed to prison." - Tertullian's consolation to the martyrs AD 200 , p. 1139-1141


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Brother, thanks for sharing the quotes and the link. Great, inspiring resource!



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When I read this I was amazed! But when I noticed all the names are dutch, I was hurt in my heart, because I am from the Netherlands...

How many dutch people are killed for there faith in the past? A lot...

And how willing are we to die now...?

Wijnand de Ridder

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