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 An heretic

May I read something that has been in my thinking ?

Titus 3:9,10,11

Vs.9,...avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions,and strivings about the law;for they are unprofitable and vain.

Vs.10,...A man that is an heretic,after the first and second admonition, reject,..

Vs.11,..Knowing that he that is such is subverted,and sinneth,being
condemned of himself.

Heretic: (Strongs # 141),..A schismatic: --heretic [the Gr. word itself ]

* Heretic: ( Websters),..A person who believes or teaches something contrary to accepted beliefs ,especially those of the church.

* Admonition: A friendly warning; a gentle reproof.



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 Re: A heretic

Some years ago, I received this little word from God.

"You are much more like the Pharisees than the disciples..."

It stung, because I knew it to be so true. In my quest to be an effective repenter, this was a nice blast to my inner jerk.

When you believe something is true, you may be may not.

I have had things in my life and belief system confronted with alternatives that I didn't want, but knew they were more true than what I had been believing. Psalm 73 was very helpful, the whole thing really but especially verses 16, 17 where the psalmist entered into the sanctuary of God. It was there that he saw truth, and gained the understanding he needed to be a man of truth.

There are so many that just keep talking and arguing, never going into that place with God where clarity comes over heart and mind. This to me is the heretic, filled with ideas and forcing Scripture to be filtered through the ideas rather than letting the Scriptures be the filter yielding pure living water in your soul.

Truth cannot be created, only discovered. Heretics create their own truth and are easy to identify. When confronted with truth, they reject it.

Beware- there is a little heretic in each of us!

To deal with your inner heretic, always be willing to go into the Sanctuary of God, and under the light He is!

Tom Cameron

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