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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : Pride is More Dangerous than Adultery - Zac Poonen

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Only GOD can show us our pride. I do believe that 'pride' is our 'self'.
David's prayer in Ps 139:23,24 is our need as well. I think that we're in agreement. I just had trouble with the title and a bit of the article.
That does not mean I find fault with your reasoning.

The Bible also tells each man to examine himself. The Judgment starts from Household of God. So it is better for us to have a reality check as often as possible to see where we are.
I did not find your questions wrong, they are very much valid. This article is tough to accept for those who are not familiar with Zac Poonen's teachings, to exactly understand the spirit behind the words. Praise God for giving me a chance to answer your questions.


 2012/3/9 16:22Profile



It is actually a very fitting title. 'ALL' who go to hell do so because of pride, whereas only 'SOME' who go to hell are adulterers.


 2012/3/9 17:23


Brother Sree, I agree that we are to examine ourselves to see if we are in the faith and even judge ourselves - but Paul also said - "... I judge not mine own self. For I know nothing by myself; yet am I not hereby justified: but He that judgeth me is the Lord."

The heart is deceitfully wicked, who can know it? So how we can judge righteous judgment when judging ourselves? That's what I think Paul is saying above. Pride is in all of us and I only say that because I truly believe pride is our "self" life. Even our good deeds that originate from 'self' is pride. The post-modernists and emergents pride themselves on their good deeds and their 'human' compassion.
Anything that doesn't originate from Him - not led of His Spirit and alligned with His Word is 'self' or pride - since He said - "Without Me, you can do nothing."
It's our thinking, acting out and speaking autonomously and not as He walked and talked while here on earth as our Example - saying and doing only what He was given of The Father.
Independent thoughts, words and actions -- those that were not given by or Authored by Him, nor His Word. Adding and subtracting from His Words. The lack of child-like dependency - knowing in our flesh, dwelleth No good thing.
That's getting self's hands off of the steering wheel of our thought life and actions. Taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.

One thing that Zac said that should ring true for us all .... "When something bad happens to somebody you don’t like, do you feel happy? That is sin."

Well, first I believe it's a sin to 'not like' someone but we can 'not like' what they say or do that is against Him, His Word or His Body. But I'm feeling what he's saying here about "being happy when something bad happens" to that person - that even if you are led to strong words to that person who is saying or doing things that you don't like for Scriptural reasons - we should feel a knife in our own hearts for feeling compelled to correct them and be fighting tears. But I suppose that would only happen if we truly loved humans.
I've seen a bit of this "being happy when something bad happens" to folks that people "don't like" and it's what's causing the world to call us 'war-mongers' and hypocrits.
The desire to kill our own wounded or those that are not 'of us' or believe as we do.
"Precious are the wounds of 'a friend'" - not an enemy!


 2012/3/9 19:49


I was against the title at first, but really I see the truth in it.


It is actually a very fitting title. 'ALL' who go to hell do so because of pride, whereas only 'SOME' who go to hell are adulterers. "

Old Joe, brother, do you think some people can be broken-not proud but because of faithlesness go to hell...

In Christ -Jim

 2012/3/9 19:51

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Jesus came to save sinners not those who think they are already righteous... God resist the proud and favors the humble, Look at the story of Mary Magdalene and the Pharisees... It is harder to convict a prideful sinner than an adulterer... and Jesus said if you lust after women you already committed adultery,... Pride is hindrance for grace, once an adulterer humble himself before God, he will receive mercy and grace, but not an adulterer who cease adultery yet does not submit on the grace of God,

then Jesus said "go and sin no more"

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Old Joe, brother, do you think some people can be broken-not proud but because of faithlesness go to hell...

Honestly, no. Faith must overcome the last bastion of pride to be saving faith. I have several relatives that are spiritually broken and would be the bruised reed types if they came to the Lord, but the pride of self-reliance keeps them from placing their faith entirely in another. Each of them is spiritually broken, but not 'broken enough' to come to admit that the solution to their issue lies entirely outside of themselves. That is the last bit of pride that needs to be overcome, and thankfully the Lord is working on overcoming that now in two of their cases.


 2012/3/9 23:51

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Pride is more dangerous than adultery because adultery is an outward sin - and sins that are outward and obvious are not as serious as sins that are hidden.

An insightful point! Poonen is on to something here! I just wish Poonen had developed it a bit more – and that may have been avoided the confusion.

Pride is a silent killer. You think you are better than you really are, but you don’t know you are deceived. An adulterer is closer to the ground. He likely knows he’s doing something wrong. There will likely be strain in his relationships, or he has to work to conceal his behaviors. Others are more inclined to discover it and expose it as wrong.

Pride is easily masked by a clean white life – at least to the proud person – and even to everyone else. It looks so right on the outside. There are far fewer checks on pride than on adultery. When you think you are doing well, and on track, and when nothing in your life raises alarm bells for you, you are in deep danger. You resist correction, because you believe you are not wrong. This self-deception is extremely insidious and dangerous. You can hurt others or deprive them without even knowing it.

Pride can also be collective – where everyone carries the same self-view about their “kingdom”. But no one can see it – not until, as in the Babel account, God disperses them all - and they are humiliated, left vulnerable and needy once again - as Old-Joe says: spiritually broken.

Thank you Sree for sharing this article. Pride is not a sin topic we tend to drift towards – perhaps because it hits so close to home - and is harder to pin down.



 2012/3/10 8:07Profile


I woke again this morning with the thought - How many fatherless children {eta - and aborted or abused & neglected children} are out there because of fornication?

What was the only Biblical grounds for a marriage to be ended?

Marriage is sacred - but what is the only sin that can dissolve a marriage and leave children suffering from the affects of a broken home?

Jesus never said that "except it be for Pride" ... because if that were the case - none of us would be exempt.

 2012/3/10 10:30

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