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Waiting for Christ Himself is so different from waiting for things that may come to pass! The latter any Christian can do; the former, God must work in you every day by His Holy Spirit. Therefore, all you who wait on God, look to Him for grace to wait for His Son from heaven in the Spirit which is from heaven. And, you who want to wait for His Son, wait on God continually to reveal Christ in you.

The revelation of Christ in us, as it is given to them who wait upon God, is the true preparation for the full revelation of Christ in glory.

My soul, wait thou only upon God!"


James Gabriel Gondai Dziya

 2005/1/28 16:35Profile

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holiness and love are the fruit of a well-nurtured relationship with Christ. This cannot be faked, studied, or earned. Either you have a well-nurtured relationship with Christ or you do not.

Praise God! Posessing the nature of God cannot be faked. I love that! Make us real, Jesus. Dian.

 2005/1/28 22:21Profile

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