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 Forget YOU? / Forget ME?

A most daring challenge indeed -

 2012/3/3 3:24

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 Re: Forget YOU? / Forget ME?

Eric: Abraham loved Ismael, just like you love your Ismaels...

"Oh that Ismael might live before thee!" Gen 17.18b

Abraham to God: We don't need Isaac. couldn't Ismael live before You?

Eric: That's the plea of our souls, right there... we want our self-serving existence to live before God to be approved by God. God, why can't you look down on this and smile? Because I like my life this way. I don't want to have to give up my life this way. "Oh that my Ismaelic life could live before You!"


Wow! We ALL need to hear this sermon.

God bless!


 2012/3/3 6:23Profile



Amen, Sis - that's how I felt after hearing this one.
How many books, etc, about dying to self have we read and this Brother knocks it out of the ball-park in just one message in just a little over an hour.
The funny thing is - I keep thinking of other titles for it - like - "Lets Have Done with You!" - "Get over Yourself" - "Spiritualizing Self-full-ness" ... :).
It truly did bring a JOY and a feeling of being much 'lighter' today. Not so much of self to carry around is a rather 'freeing' experience and happily amazed that this was his New Year's Day Sermon for his Church.
Way to go, Brother and Thanks a Lot.

 2012/3/3 13:19

 Re: Forget YOU? / Forget ME?

I forgot to mention that there's a link below the video where we can download the mp3 And the study notes to these messages.


 2012/3/7 19:35

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