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I just listened to Mr. David Wilkerson‘s “A Call to
Anguish” as recommended by a member here. Good sermon!
It’s nice to hear that others have God sitting on their

I figure if God is wants to use a man He would need to
break and crush a man inorder to use him. I don’t want to
be a preacher/pastor/prophet/etc. I would have no clue
what a “calling” is on one’s life. I guess these are
extreme times and extreme times call for hard praying and
a time to wrestle with God and take heaven by force in
prayer or at least shake it up a bit and if I can’t do
that I’ll throw some rock or snowballs at the gates. Too
many preachers have wondered away from the bible and now
many are asleep. I’ve been praying that God will open eyes
and hearts of these pastors where I live. As for me, I’ll
keep looking for a church pew to sit in.

Thank you! I guess I am not going nuts as I once thought I
was. I guess its the LORD doing something.

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