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 Not sure

I live in a small town in South Dakota where most of the
denominations are Lutheran or Catholic. The other
churches here are far from the Gospel and just preach a
“feel-good” message. I’ve had to travel to a larger city
where other churches are either mocking Christ or the
churches are just either ‘seeker-friendly’ or not preaching
the Gospel of Christ at all (a watered down version of it
at best). I found one church (Independent Fundamentalist
Baptist Church) which I think would be close to biblical with no “dog and pony show” that I’ve seen in other
churches. In this church, the pastor was preaching a
watered down gospel message one night, when he was done I
came close to going up to him and talk to him about it and
show him in scriptures what the cross is and what it means
and what REALY happened on the cross and what really
transpired between God and His Son. To my shame and
disgrace I did not talk with him because I did not have
all the scriptures memorized or could find them immediate
in the bible.

I’m not a preacher. I’m just some guy that God was
mercifully to by opening my eyes to the truth of the
Gospel, open my heart to who He is, and opened my eyes
to what is going on in the church today. If I know the true
gospel (not the 4 or 5 spiritual things that God wants you to know in most tracks today) then should I not go
“toe-to-toe” in the spirit of love and grace and talk to
these preachers? I am frustrated and angry! Preachers in
the pulpit need STOP and REPENT from allowing dog and pony
shows that only draw carnal people in a church! Preachers
are preaching a watered down gospel that does nothing. I’m
thinking these preachers need to stop working on their
sermons on the golf course or stop getting their sermons
off a web site and get on their knees with their bibles!
Should not preachers today say along with Jeremiah; “But
if I say, ‘I will remember Him. Or speak anymore in His
name,’ Then in my heart it becomes like a burning fire
Shut up in my bones; And I am weary of holding it in, And
I cannot endure it. (Jeremiah 20:9)?!

My pray for many months now is that God would show up,
come down and break and crush me!! I figure I might be able
to wrestle with God like Jacob did. I know that God will
win by beating the living day lights out of me, but at
least I’ll have His burden and His feelings engraved onto
heart and soul for a church that is sleeping. This might
be crazy and suicidal, but I don’t care! Seems to me
somebody should go out to in the middle of a corn field
somewhere in the night and seek, knock ([pound on that
door]), and ask God to come down. I am told in scripture
that God has given us HIS SON, and in His Son I have
EVERYTHING! Therefore, do I not have the Holy Spirit
to speak to a dying world and a church that is asleep?!! I
am told in scripture that I am to take Heaven for force
therefore can I not wrestle and fight God for Him to come
and kill me and thus be filled with the Holy Spirit?!! Is
not most of the churches in South Dakota and elsewhere
today asleep? Should they not awake from their slumber and
shame?! I am just some old guy that God woke up and maybe
too old to receive a mantel from God. I don’t know here to
go and it’s gets cold sanding on an abandoned road yelling
out to God in frustration.

I post my thoughts and feelings here in hopes for
“reprove, rebuke or exhort”.

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 Re: Not sure

You are your own evidence that the Holy Spirit is waking people up. Many more are waking up. Pray that the Lord shows you others that are coming out of their slumber. I am sure they are around you.

Where sin abounds, grace did more abound. Rom 5:20.

You already have your mantel in the Lord Jesus Christ

Go where the people are and let God use you to encourage those whose feeble hands are hanging down to look unto Jesus.


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 Re: Not sure

You just climbed in my head and wrote my thoughts down. Sometimes I feel like I am going crazy and read something like your letter and at least it gives me some assurance that I am not alone. Don't give up. hold on and don't let go until God answers. Pray that I will do the same please.
Your brother in Christ,

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 Re: Not sure


I recently awoke to this reality. One principal sermon on here that really awoke me was David Wilkerson's "A call to anguish". I pray that you consider hearing this powerful message. Wilkerson speaks exactly what you are writing.

And brothers please pray for me as i am going to be giving my first sermon this weekend to my youth group. Pray that i may not compromise the gospel simply because i don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I want to preach the Gospel of Christ as is presented in Scripture, no matter if it hurts.


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I am in prayer for my friend.

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 Re: Not sure

You are not alone robertsj.

There are some of us that are sick of the phony Christianity that we see so much of and are longing for a true Biblical Christianity.

Let’s keep crying out to Him to bring true Biblical revival.

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hi, go home ,cool off,study the scripure, write it down, study and edit what you wrote, pray over each step ,ask the preacher for an appointment or suggest a tea or coffee time together and speak in love and meekness with him and not to him.

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Good advise jimp. Just don't loose your passion.

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Yes, keep the passion alive. However, to polish that zeal further, may I recommend the following article:

I've read this decades ago as a tract titled, " So you wanna be a Prophet", and its kinda sobered me up.

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 Re: Not sure

The best feel good message that I hear is the one when I am reproved. It hurts at first but it "feels good" after.

Psalms 119:67 Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept thy word.

Back in the 60's. (We think that this water down gospel is all new today) but back in the 60's when my Dad got saved, he noticed things that were being preached over the pulpit that wasn't right. Dad got alone with the preacher (this was a Pentecostal Assemblies Church), and showed him what saith the scriptures and that preachers response was,

"Buddy, If I preached that, I'd lose my congregation".

 2012/2/28 21:04

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