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 Question for Baptists

I have a question for the Baptist denominational members. What is your view or opinion on Pentecostals? Now, I am talking about Eastern European Pentecostals, not Western. I have noticed that a lot of so called Pentecostals in America are very different. They throw themselves to the ground, people's something foreign to me. If you have European friends that are Pentecostal, you know what I am talking about.

Please be honest and concise :)

God bless!

Vlad Stepanov

 2012/2/27 8:54Profile

 Re: Question for Baptists

I am reminded if a story that came out of one of the Russian gulags. There were four brothers in Christ who found one another. They had been placed their by the communist authorities. One brother was from Russian Orthodox background, the other from a Catholic background, the other from a Baptist background, and the other from a pentacostal background. These brothers found they were to be executed the next day. On the night before their execution the men were not arguing their various theological backgrounds. But they were praying and rejoicing with one accord they were going to see Jesus.

I hope the above story answers your question. If you have not done so, please read Tortured for Christ by Richard Wormbrandt. It will illustrate further what I am talking about. Among the persecuted the question is more what think ye of Christ Jesus.

For the Lamb who was slain,

Blaine Scogin

 2012/2/27 9:29

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