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 The Daniel Fast Wasn't a Fast!

This was a little revelation that I believe is true, and want to share it.

The "Daniel Fast" is considered a form of fasting by many Christians. Books that deal with fasting mention this as one type of fast. However, Daniel was not fasting when he asked to not be fed the king's meats and wine. The Bible says that he did not want to defile himself with the meats and wine. This doesn't indicate a fast was undertaken, just that Daniel may have wanted to keep to the Jewish law barring eating certain meats. He couldn't ask that they be served only these meats but not these, so he asked that they not be served any meats. I'm not sure about the wine, but I believe his abstinence from wine was for similar reasons. Perhaps they were Nazirites and were not supposed to drink wine.

The 10-day challenge to compare Daniel and his friends against the rest of the scholars in their group was not a fast, but a trial period to prove that Daniel's group could thrive eating according to Jewish law.

The distinction that this wasn't a fast is probably not very important. But I DO like to learn what is really intended in the Scriptures, and not believe things that come just from tradition.

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 Re: The Daniel Fast Wasn't a Fast!

You have got the wrong chapter.

You are refering to chapter 1. The Daniel fast is found in chapter 10.

It says in verse 2, "I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled".

It seems to mean he restricted what he ate and drank.

Whether he ate at all, is not mentioned, so we can only conclude as to what scripture says.

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You're right about chapter 10. However, over many years I have heard and read references to chapter 1 regarding Daniel going on a fast. It doesn't seem from what is written that he was purposing to fast in chapter 1.

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