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 "Standard of Living" or "Quality of Life" ??

"Standard of Living" or "Quality of Life" ??


In a world DRUNK on “standard of living” extremes and efforts towards that end, could we all take a moment and consider if there is a difference between “standard of living” and “Quality of Life”? Can YOU articulate in two sentences what the difference is between the two? Let’s not be lazy here—try to articulate the difference in two sentences. Can you?

NOW…Can one have BOTH “standard of living” AND “Quality of Life”? To some extent, yes. For awhile, maybe.

But, if you HAD to CHOOSE between the two, which WILL happen for most in the next 20 years, which of the two—“standard of living” or “Quality of Life”—to which have you invested your “heart, soul, mind, and strength”?

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read though this in my morning devotions and it just really struck me. I can't say I have a clear articulate answer yet but it has me thinking...just thought I would pass it along here.

God bless

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 Re: "Standard of Living" or "Quality of Life" ??

Hmm. In this day, "Quality of life" is attributed to those that believe that the disabled should be exterminated - and in my mind, from a Biblical standpoint - "standard of living" represents to me, what my "standards" are in this life.
I realize how "standard of living" is being addressed in this question and that is something that Christians are not concerned with. Well, at least not in the first Church or in other countries. They say that the Christians in Africa and other similar living conditions, are some of the happiest Christians of all.
So, I suppose we'd have to guess that he means by "Quality of life" - "How" one lives their life despite whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, monetarily?
In whatsoever state we find ourselves in, therewith to be content?

If I woke up to that this morning as a devotional - I think I would have closed it and turned to another Devotional. :D

I'm not good with questions - even when I'm fully awake.

BLESS you, Mary! Time for my 4th cup of coffee now, for sure. :)

 2012/2/19 9:43

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My take on MaryJane's post.

I believe this is an excellent topic for a devotional.

Standard of Living to me means Keeping up with what modern advertising tries to put forth as the goal of consumers. Dress better, or as well as the models pictured on the magazine covers. Drive the newest, cleanest car, have a professional hair style, and so forth. Nothing 'home spun' but all newly manufactured goods - worldly goods.

Quality of Live means waking up Praising Jesus and knowing that everything I have or need comes from Him. Leaning on the Promises of God Almighty. Loving my neighbor and my enemy and walking with Jesus.

Given a choice, to me there is no choice. I love what Peter said, John 6:68 Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life.

The Standard of Living can get no better than to have total complete dependence and trust in Jesus Christ - the author and finisher of our faith. If you have that dependence you have the best Quality of Life possible.

white stone


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 Re: "Standard of Living" or "Quality of Life" ??

Good Morning again. On my first 3 cup sized mug of coffee :)

Sis Mary, I pray you know that I wasn't mocking your post but mocking my condition upon first rising in the a.m.. That's a big joke amongst those that I know.
Don't quite know which planet we've woken up on until at least the second cup and wonder how folks woke up before coffee existed. Wish I knew.

GOD Bless you!!

 2012/2/21 10:30

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"The Standard of Living can get no better than to have total complete dependence and trust in Jesus Christ - the author and finisher of our faith. If you have that dependence you have the best Quality of Life possible."

I would have to AMEN! this.

Let us face it: if we were to be deprived of everything we think we need to be comfotable, how would we fare? Read the stories of the saints who have gone before us and the deprivations that were theirs, but they remained faithful because they knew whom they trusted for their future. (Read Hebrews 11)

Still...I know what you are saying, Mary Jane. I have heard others say they would really feel deprived if they could not have their daily shower and I would have to agree. But, hey! Some of us remember when we took only one bath a week, whether we needed it or not! {{smile}} Everyone stank the same? Yet, most of the world live in conditions worst then a minimum of one bath a week.

Where is our satisfaction? our security? Will we get all bent out of shape when our comfort is compromised? This should teach us, I think.

As far as keeping up with society, it is enslaved to the marketing gurus of the fashion industry who work to make us feel like we are not fitting in when we do not have the latest furniture, cars, style home, clothes, or whatever they are selling. We do not need that. Scripture tells us to be content, yet it also teaches us to be good stewards to care for the things entrusted to us.

My opinion. Got any more insights to share, Mary Jane?

Sandra Miller

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First thank you for sharing your heart with me on this. I was not offended at all by your post J.I.G. I don't drink coffee but I do like my morning hot coco to get me going :)

This devotional has been on my heart actually. I was thinking how if Jesus is the standard that I choose to live my life by then I can expect that according to the worlds standard my quality of life would probably be considered low...I mean who in the world would think a blood bought servant, who loves others above themselves has great quality of life and yet as Christians we smile because we know that apart from HIM there is no life!

I was also thinking that if I apply all my heart, strength, mind, and soul into chasing after the "worldly" standard of life that I will end up exhausted and alone because as was shared the world is always telling you that you need more, better, newer, nicer. Seriously who can keep up with that all the time with out something in your life suffering...I chose Jesus as my standard for living, the world may view this has a loss but I know that the treasure of being with HIM makes it all worth while :)

God Bless

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