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Hemel Hempstead

 Do you know what the gospel is

I have been asking christians I know can you simply explain to me what the gospel is in a few sentences it is amazing how many christians simply do not know and how some do?
I would be interested to do a survey on here as I expect more people should know on this site

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: Do you know what the gospel is


Please may I say this in all humility,

There are many gospels out there,...But there is ONLY ONE

True gospel. Jesus said, the gospel,is the gospel of the kingdom.

Anything else,is not the gospel according to Jesus.He said, " THIS GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM SHALL BE PREACHED UNTO or throughout THE WHOLE WORLD, AND THEN SHALL THE END be..

* John the Baptist
* Jesus preached the gospel of the kingdom of God / Heaven

* Paul preached the gospel of the kingdom,...the princples of the kingdom and the things pertaining to the kingdom.

* as well as Peter, and the others

And why ?

Because,..where there is a kingdom ,..there is a King,..and that King,is Jesus. He comes in,byway of the Holy Spirit to rule, Lord in our lives.
' to be led by the Spirit of God.'


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In a word, the Good News or Gospel is Reconcilation.

In order to reconcile man back to God, sin had to be dealt with once and for all. Enter Christ to bridge the gap, the lamb of God that taketh away the sin of the world.

The Good News is that God is not condemning anyone because Christ took our condemnation for us, NOW anyone who turns to God by trusting in Jesus and repents of their sin the beginning process of life has entered into that soul.

This is the simple gospel, the Genesis of life.

 2012/2/18 22:32

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San Diego

 Re: Good News

The gospel is good news, of course.

But relatively meaningless unless a person has been overwhelmed with bad news. Coaxing people to accept a Savior when they don't know they need one usually means the hard step has been skipped.

Convincing people that they are in God's eyes criminals bound for Hell prepares them for "The Good News."

Remember how Nathan the prophet helped King David come to grips with his bad news? I expect some time with God helped Nathan see that the direct approach would have only resulted in the lopping of his head. But the parable of the little ewe lamb prepared David for truth he was at first too blind to see. Thus we see Jesus using the same tactic- lots of parables and that familiar, "He that has ears to hear..."

There is the question of "What is the gospel?" and another is like unto it, "How can I get it into a person?"

Learn to tell stories!

Tom Cameron

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Oh yes,Sidewalk and Approved,

Jesus said,'this gospel of the kingdom'shall be preached, is His Words,..
So, is it not to him we always look ?

Thank you both,

It is truly ' good news' !

Arn't we so thankful ? Jesus' coming and the shedding of His Presicous
Blood and to go and send back the Holy Spirit, the enabling power,..His ,...makeing a way,that we are to be ' led by His Spirit.....
Calling us into His Kingdom,...yes!,the gospel of the kingdom of God /heaven,... it IS the good news to / for us.


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hi, i owed a debt i could never pay,He paid a price He did not owe for me.jimp He bought me and now i am His.

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Oh Jimp,

Thank the Lord,for His marvelous, mercy.


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"In a word, the Good News or Gospel is Reconcilation."

I'd have to agree with that. It's reconciliation and all that goes into it...being born a sinner deserving nothing but hell and God in His grace and mercy reached down pulled me out of the "miry clay" when I barely understood what He was doing. In the midst of my sin Christ died for me.

He plan was to reconcile me to himself after a lifetime of sin. God forgave my countless willful sins and cast them as far as the east is from the west.

Gospel is Christ and Him crucified. The Gospel is good news. The Gospel is a lost people being blessed with the knowledge of God.

The beautiful thing about the Gospel is that you could ask 100 different Christians to tell you what they think it is and you'd probably get 100 different answers. None of the answers would be wrong. The point is that Jesus was all things to all people. For those who need it He was peace and love. For those who need it He was a philosopher. For those who need it He was a hard man with a whip chasing out the money changers.

Sure, we can define the Gospel, but the bottom line is that the Gospel is whatever finally breaks through our hard heart. The Gospel is God calling us so that we're left with nothing but, "Abba, Father! Not my will but Yours be done!"

Matt Smith

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 Re: Do you know what the gospel is

Gospel is - we who originally lived a life pleasing our sinful nature is called to be partaker of his divine nature. We are called not because of any work that we did but because of what Jesus Christ did on the cross and by the mercy of God he choose us. The divine nature of God is righteousness and Holiness. We are righteous as long as we are in Jesus. Holiness is imparted in us when we are obedient to Holy Spirit and bring forth Fruits for him.


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 What the Gospel / Christianity is Not

It is not Jesus plus our good works. (Titus 3:5)
It is not you keeping the law (Jewish or Christian). The law says, “I ought to, I should.” (Galatians 2:21)
It is not religion—religion comes from the Greek word religare which means “to bind up, attach and to tie.”
It is not morality.
It is not a mental assent.—general information or knowing about.
It is not trying our best to be a good person.
It is not being baptized with water.
It is not belong to a certain denomination like Baptist, Catholic, or Charismatic.
It is not walking down an aisle and signing a card.
It is not being born in the USA.
It is not being born in a Christian family.
It is not a social program or social reform.
It is not, “God helps those who help themselves.”
It is not you keeping the “Golden Rule.”
It is not God helping us to be a good person.
It is not God helping us to overcome evil.
It is not Jesus walking along side of us.
It is not performance based acceptance.
It is not tithing our money in order to be blessed, instead of cursed.
It is not based on conditions such as: If I do, do, do; then I will be blessed, blessed, blessed.
It is not self-improvement.
It is not based on self-effort.
It is not self-generated righteousness.
It is not self-activity based on self-sufficiency.

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