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To put it simplier, what is holier??

There really isn't anything holier save God Himself. We are holy ONLY and I say it again ONLY because God is near.

When we seek to be more holy, it's the only way we know to communicate those words, what we are saying is that we are moving toward God so that God can take our fallen ways and renew His ways in us, thus "more holiness". ONLY because God has moved His borders to other areas of our field that we once ruled over, now He rules over them.

Holiness is not certain types of clothing, in the Spirit yes, but that type of clothing is not material as we know here with our eyes and touch.

The Christian life is a journey of faith and as Ikye has experienced a revelation recently. He may have felt like he wasn't moving forward in his Christian walk, but now God had given something for the journey to renew his hope in God. It's Ikye's hope that God moves in every part of his life, being totally sold out to God.

 2012/2/19 11:39

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