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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : 02/14/2012 Kazakhstan (Forum 18 News Service) Kazakhstan: First Known Use of Harsh New Punishments..

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 02/14/2012 Kazakhstan (Forum 18 News Service) Kazakhstan: First Known Use of Harsh New Punishments..

02/14/2012 Kazakhstan (Forum 18 News Service) Kazakhstan: First Known Use of Harsh New Punishments for Exercising Freedom of Religion-

In Kazakhstan's first known use of expanded and increased punishments for exercising freedom of religion or belief, a Baptist in eastern Kazakhstan has been fined what local people estimate to be 18 months' average local wages for leading an unregistered religious organisation. Shoe-repairer and father of ten, Aleksei Asetov was fined 485,400 Tenge (3,273 US Dollars), for leading the small congregation that meets in his home, under a provision introduced in new Amending and Religion Laws local Baptists told Forum 18 News Service. The judge also banned the congregation from being able to meet.

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Pray that the charges against Asetov would be dropped.
Pray that his congregation would be allowed to meet.
Pray that his congregation is encouraged through God during this trying time.

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 2012/2/17 17:35Profile

 Re: 02/14/2012 Kazakhstan (Forum 18 News Service) Kazakhstan: First Known Use of Hars

Kazakhstan has a basic two party Parliamentary Democracy, with a one vote per citizen electorate. The country has about the same number of Muslim as Russian Orthodox..about 46% each,..totaling 92% of all people. Then come the minorities, with Protestant churches and Jews bringing up the tail, with very small %s.

So the Orthodox church and the Muslim feel inclined to embrace a war of attrition there as they run the government and the law, while they both have animosity toward the Christian, and any other pest, that does not come under their religious governance also. The true Christian is of course the enemy of it appears that a legal conspiracy has risen, and succeeded.

This is very similar to what happened in India after 9/11. The Muslim evangelists began to convert whole villages, hundreds of thousands of converts at a time... so the ruling Hindi adapted harsh laws prohibiting unregistered and foreign church planters and movements. These were called the ANTI-CONVERSION laws.

The Orthodox are famous for it, and persecution began after the revivals that stirred when the USSR fell apart, and the Berlin Wall fell. They also had many Christian works closed, demanding registered churches only.

We cannot imagine how free we are here, even in the midst of corruption, to choose our God and our faith. In much of the world, Prejudices like this happen daily, and when you look upon them a little deeper, you see that they are the sparks to the fires that will come, of murderous persecution upon the true believer...and the Jew.

Sorry for this fellow and the church there...but, for now, he has it easy with a mere fine. I have met the hunted church in China...with forced abortions for the offender, and prison, or worse for infractions like these.

Some, live "underground"...constantly on the run.

"Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body." We are next.

 2012/2/17 19:18

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