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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Working conditions in China

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 Re: Comoton

A littled puzzled by your post. Are you saying technology is the abtichrist spirit. How do you explain Sermon Index since it is based on technology.

I use technology to track the persecuted church. I facilitate a con call 4 nights a week where we pray for the persecuted. This is using technology.

As I said I am puzzled by your post.

Blaine Scogin

 2012/2/16 20:35

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by Compton on 2012/2/16 14:23:01

In the 1980's I grew up reading about a coming anti-christ who would be an individual who enslaves people while guided by a demonic intelligence. Now I wonder, with everyone seeking an affluent digital lifestyle of instant consumption and insatiable voyearism, if the anti-christ spirit is actually manifested in a swarm, guided by a swarm intelligence. Each one of us are in that swarm, as it moves like a locust cloud across the earth feeding itself on the lives of men, women, and children.

And like the Anti-Christ this swarm has an angelic face; a hundred million humanitarians blogging about the factory conditions in China on their iPads and smartphones.


I am sorry I don't understand what you were trying to convey with your post??? I am a bit slow tonight so please forgive me.

As for myself I see the need to pray for those who are suffering and I want to be faithful to do so.

God bless

 2012/2/16 20:38Profile


Confused as well. I don't feel this thread is pointing directly at apple - [microsoft's competitor] - but should we not speak out for the innocent, child and slave labor, the oppressed, forced abortions and infanticide, the severely persecuted and those being unjustly used and through / because of our own greed?
As representives of Jesus - aren't we to speak out for their sake?

 2012/2/16 20:42

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Thanks for asking for clarity. I guess I was a little cryptic!

First off let me say I find this to be a heart breaking issue. Like Frank and others here I don't really fret over Capitalism or Communism, because I don't think those things really matter anymore. The problem is consmers want cheap goods. How we fix that I really can't say. But how do you ask people to not save money at Wal-Mart?.

I'm not saying technology is an antichrist spirit. I was just noting that because of the internet, millions of people can coagulate instantly into an irresistable force for good or evil. One way they do this is with buying and selling online.

I'm also saying that the conditions in China are inseperable from our consumption lifestyles. Hundreds of millions of people shopping for bargains every minute of every day has more impact on humanity then the bureaucrats in Bejing or Washington.

So I guess I'm saying that our outcry over labor conditions in China rings hollow. I'm just being honest. I have no judgements on anyone here. We are looking for a "them", when there is no one but "us".


Mike Compton

 2012/2/16 21:06Profile


Some of us won't shop at China-mart and don't own phones or computers made in China. We do our best to not buy from them, but it's getting harder and harder for any of us to find products made elsewhere.

But - the weight of responsibility does not lay upon us, in regards to world-trade - but the weight of responsibility from GOD upon us remains the same -

Praying, fasting, supporting missionaries and Scriptural literature smuggled into these nations - before it's too late for them and for us, to stand before GOD unashamedly.

 2012/2/16 21:38


"Brother Jim, all one need do is go to any big Christian bookstore and look in the gift dept "

The Lord wont let me go near those places, but I believe you regardless. God bless -Jim

 2012/2/16 21:54


Dear brother Compton, I found your post thought provoking. Maybe not the last sentence, because I agree with JIG as far as speaking out for the lost and dying children wherever they are. Yet the great irony is that the solution cannot come by politics, obviously we know the solution. The politicians who at least seem to care about abortion and infanticide, are also the ones who represent big business and it is big business that set the standards in every country.

Thats why it was facinating that Ford gave his workers four or five times the going rate at the turn of the last century, unheard of on the heels of robber barons, yet he became a super rich man. I watched a show where they took a girl from India who helped make pants in a factory for Wallmart. These pants were sold for $20. This girl made 18 cents an hour. She said that if she just made 24 cents she could make it. When they took her into a Wallmart in America and she saw how much profit they made from those pants at $20, she wept.

I have yet to meet a genuine Christian who was unmoved by the plight of the poor. I am not talking about emergent churches or " social issue,' I am simply talking about the plight of the poor and how they are taken advantage off. Scripture has much to say on these subjects. Caring for the poor is not mutually exclusive to caring about their souls.........bro Frank

 2012/2/16 21:56


"The problem is consmers want cheap goods. How we fix that I really can't say. But how do you ask people to not save money at Wal-Mart?."

A random thought to add to what Compton shared (not to contradict it). The driving factor is not always consumers wanting cheap goods. I work for a supplier to a major US auto manufacturer, we have two engineering offices in India and one in the US. The auto manufacturer requires that we send a certain percentage of our work to India. They also cut our contract values by 50% to ensure that we comply. Yet their cars are even more expensive than ever in history and they are turning record profits. The consumer gets nothing out of that deal. The average guy gets nothing out of it. Only the elite do. Heaping up wealth in the last days.


 2012/2/16 22:07


"I watched a show where they took a girl from India who helped make pants in a factory for Wallmart. These pants were sold for $20. This girl made 18 cents an hour."

Brother, India is a little different than China in some respects. I am responsible for training all of our engineers in India. They come out of college making about 4 dollars an hour US. A manager of my level there makes about 8 an hour. I spend a lot of time with these guys and one day a joke was made that I was a rich american. I asked to see a picture of the manager of our Indian branches house. He showed me his beautiful 2000 square foot home that he pays about 200 a month us for. I told him that I live in a 1000 squre foot townhouse. He stopped joking. There are some really poor parts of India for sure, but there is a large middle class forming who's standard of living is heading up while middle class americas is heading down.

In Christ -Jim

 2012/2/16 22:16

Joined: 2006/7/31
Posts: 3057



Thank you for clarifying what you meant. I understand what you shared and I don't have any answers to the problem except to pray, seek GOD for these people and as the LORD leads give to those missions that work directly with helping as was mentioned.

God bless

 2012/2/16 22:29Profile

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