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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Working conditions in China

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Joined: 2006/7/31
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 Working conditions in China


I wanted to bring up a topic that has been on my heart for awhile now. My son who loves working with computer and electronics has been sharing with me some of the things he has learned about the working conditions in China at some of our better known electronic companies. These working conditions for some are so terrible that people are so filled with despair they are killing themselves. These workers are expected to work long hours standing in one place with little or no breaks at all. There is so much in the news about this topic that I have to believe these companies must know what is happening in them but they say nothing? Just wondering what others thoughts on this might be?

God bless

 2012/2/16 10:00Profile

 Re: Working conditions in China

Thank you for caring enough to bring this up, Mary.

The business men of the US have known about the conditions the people are living in in China all along. It's not just been 'apple' but even big named christian men and 'ministries' use China to make their goods and some 'christian' men have their own manufacturing plants in China for no other purpose but to make money - period.
Our government has known the conditions in China since it went communist - yet we bow down to this country and we [the US] are now in debt to that country.
This has infuriated many of us for many decades but anger without action does nothing for them. Our anger is only good if we put it to action and we should be angry. If we're not - we're dead inside.
I watched a DVD recently that I got in the mail from the ministry that I promote and it was about China.
These people of China are so very hungry for literature that tells them about the "Hope" that can be had in Christ Jesus. They have no hope there, except to just exist - stay alive.
It's overwhelming to hear how badly they are crying out for more Scripture literature.
We need to care. GOD expects us to care. He's also provided two more ways that we can help them, besides to help get the Scripture literature in by donating to those that do. Fasting and praying for these desperate people and nations along with giving financially would be, I believe, what Christ Jesus would have us all to be doing.

Thank you again for bringing this to our eyes.

 2012/2/16 14:14

 Re: Working conditions in China

I need to say more. My heart has been overwhelmed by these things and I need to release what's been in my heart because I can't keep it in anymore.

There are beautiful Saints around the world that are more than willing to go into these dangerous countries and pass out this literature - but they need OUR HELP.

If we would just give what we can to produce this Scripture Literature, they are the ones who's feet and hands are given to GOD, no matter the cost, to deliver the Good News to the people of China and elsewhere.
They need money to produce this literature and they desperately need our prayers.

A day will come when this will be all but impossible to do and while it's yet day, we need to have the Mind of Christ and His Heart for the world - or we'll stand before Him empty handed but filled with excuses of why we didn't care enough while we still could.

Seeing the faces of those people that are being helped, may redirect our focus -- off of ourselves and onto what Jesus sees.

Thank you again, Mary.

 2012/2/16 14:35


Its ironic that we get to see the true face of capitilism and those who wosrhip it, through the lense of a communist country. Just six months after students, protesting for democracy , were run over by tanks and thousands more imprisoned, George Bush senior granted China the " most favored nation status." All this while they were carrying out their one child policy and allowing little girls to die in orphanages. Now why would politicians who profess a love for " freedom," do this? Well I would think it would be pretty obvious, greed, the fuel that burns at the heart of the systems of the West. I write all of this not to promote one system over another or take away from the " freedoms,' and lifestyle that we enjoy in the west, I write it only to show the hypocrisy of those who use these very issues to get elected.

I could care less about the systems of men, my trust is in the Lord and I sleep at night because He is the solid foundation upon which I stand and that foundation cannot be moved. As aways, hypocrisy sticks in the throat of Gods children. There is an older documentry out there called "The Killing rooms,' I believe. It was not allowed to be shown in the States, but was aired in Great Britain. It shows how many young baby girls were simply left to die in state orphanages. It also showed Down Syndrome babies tied to "potty chairs,' and maddness had overtaken them and they simply rocked back and forward in these soiled chairs. I think that we can guess why this and other documentaries are not shown to the American public. There would be such an outcry about these and other conditions that these politicains who support communist China would be run out of town( hopefully that would happen) Anyway, not to worry, we will never see these documentaries. The string pullers will see to that. Our only hope lies in the Lord, as does the hope of the poor expolited Chinese, it certainly wont come from the Frank

 2012/2/16 14:42

Joined: 2006/7/31
Posts: 3057


Thank you both for your replies. Sadly I have had my head buried to some of these things and did not realize the evils that were happening, well no more. Yes much prayer and seeking GOD on the behalf of these people is their only hope.

My son said mom if we would all just stop and offer up a quick prayer each time we use one of these devices, for the hands that made them the pleas that would be lifted up to heaven would be unending....

God Bless

 2012/2/16 14:57Profile


"It's not just been 'apple' but even big named christian men and 'ministries' use China to make their goods and some 'christian' men have their own manufacturing plants in China for no other purpose but to make money - period. "

Brother or sister, do you have any proof of this. Could you email me if so?

In Christ -Jim

 2012/2/16 17:22


The Cbineese have very little regard for human life. We see this reflected in their human rights violations. Particularly in their persecution of Christians. But then the U S has no regard for human life. We see this reflected in our abortion policies.

The U S does very little to raise q voice on human right issues. We have embassies in Beijing, China and Asmara, Eritrea. Two countries who persecute Christians. Yet the U S is silent. The Office of Religious Freedom in the U S Dept. of State is a joke. Secretary of State feels gays and lesbians are more important to protect than persecuted Christians.

But then the American church does little to pray for the persecuted. I would almost be cynical and say why bother. But God cares and so should we. Thus I will continue to stand and pray for the persecuted for this is my watch. Even if I stanf this watch alone this be my watch. As Luther said here I stand. I can do nothing but stand. Or something like that.

Blaine Scogin

 2012/2/16 18:12


It's funny though, I asked a Chinese university student here one time, if you were to live any where in the world where would it be? Her answer surprised me, Beijing came the reply.

 2012/2/16 19:06


Brother Jim, all one need do is go to any big Christian bookstore and look in the gift dept and look at the painting prints and gifts and where they're made and who's name is on them.

Those who have a history of teaching a twisted view of Luke 16:9 [about "making friends with unrighteous mammon"], have no problem with investing in an anti-Christian nation.

 2012/2/16 19:51

Joined: 2005/2/24
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In the 1980's I grew up reading about a coming anti-christ who would be an individual who enslaves people while guided by a demonic intelligence. Now I wonder, with everyone seeking an affluent digital lifestyle of instant consumption and insatiable voyearism, if the anti-christ spirit is actually manifested in a swarm, guided by a swarm intelligence. Each one of us are in that swarm, as it moves like a locust cloud across the earth feeding itself on the lives of men, women, and children.

And like the Anti-Christ this swarm has an angelic face; a hundred million humanitarians blogging about the factory conditions in China on their iPads and smartphones.


Mike Compton

 2012/2/16 20:23Profile

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