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 Israel Turns 2

The sign on the lounge said we ca talk about anything under the sun--so-
My daughter just turned 2 on Jan 23. It is special day because when my wife an i married, she had some problems and we were told that she would be barren. We felt robbed. we were both virgins--i had spent 3 years in a factory where everyone knew it too---And then we were told that we would not be able to have a child. My wife and i were married when she graduated high school and right before she started college. Not everyone knew we were unable to concieve. Ony my parents, hers, my pastors a few close friends---and my Father. Everyone kept asking us when we were going to have a baby. At first we just smiled and said nothing. Then we began to pray about it and the answer we recieved was that we would concieve when she graduated. Well, the day of my wife's ceremony i was greeted that morning with two line. God has since blessed us with the most beautiful, talented and smartest baby (yes all parents think thiers is the best, I'm being phoecious). And i give God the Glory and praise for what she is going to do for Him in these last days. Praise God, what man said would never be--just turned two the other day. :-D


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 Re: Israel Turns 2

Amen brother! What an encouraging story!

Praise God for your little daughter, and praise God because He has the power to open and close the womb.

I believe Jason Upton has a similar story with his wife, she was told she was barren and God has given them two children in His timing!

Ryan Couch

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 Re: Israel Turns 2

Congratulations and happy birthday to Israel! God has a way of proving man wrong a lot, doesn't He? My miracle daughter, Christian, turned 14 this year and sings solos in front of the entire church.


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