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Hey CindyW... long time know write! Glad to see you again.

 2005/1/26 12:54

Joined: 2005/1/26
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 Re: From North Carolina


Long time no nuttin' man! I was wonderin' if I'd ever get to cross paths with you again. Glad to see ya, brother.

Wow, lot of the old R.R. crowd here. I needs to go look around and get the lay of the land.

 2005/1/26 12:57Profile


We should rename this website the "RR forum rejects". LOL

 2005/1/26 14:51

Joined: 2003/6/11
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Santa Clara, CA


So good to see you here. Yes, this is a different place for sure. As I said to Hyssop, you will be blessed with the level of teaching, agape love-- even in disagreement, quality of sermons and the fellowship. Much to be blessed by here. Happy reading/conversing. In Him, Cindy (cindyw)

Cindy (Lastblast),

Bless you. Very kind of you and do agree, think it's what makes this site 'unique', not better than or 'holier than...' but just love for the Lord and each other. Do hold us accountable, please, if we stray.

Probably the worst that tends to rear it's ugly head on ocaasion is that smelly, refuseing to die, stench in God's nostrils...


The cockroach of the soul. May it ever be far from us.

1Co 10:12 [i] Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.[/i]

Mike Balog

 2005/1/27 9:00Profile

Joined: 2004/10/16
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I meant every word crsschk! :-)

I know we are all human here---subject to PRIDE and even offense, yet I have seen such great humility here, which is SO refreshing........and we talk about some tough topics! I have witnessed some great examples---which has been good for my own walk---convicting, yet encouraging to me to go onward and upward and to check my own heart and conduct towards my brothers and sisters in Christ. I have MILES to go and this is clearly a place that will lead me and others CLOSER to the Lord, not take them further into the "world" again.....I am blessed....... :-)


 2005/1/28 14:25Profile

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