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 Re: But how will we respond?


Sister I agree with what you are saying. For sure God is merciful and has been warning his church for 2000 years., about his emnant return. These warnings have been conveyed through the prophetic word of scripture and the spoken words of prophets. Men such as the caliber of Dave Wilkerson have spoken of coming judgement on the church in America. So this brother, I assume be is such, merely follows in the line of the prophets who speak. The prophets will speak of judgement but who wants to hear that stuff. Even if Paul Washer himself spoke it the great majority of self professing believers would reject it.

It begs the question that if the if the Christians reject the teachings of Jesus on the emnant return of Jesus, why listen to a prophet speak such? Yet the prophet has to be faithful to God to give his message. And we need to be faithful and evuate that message and take it to heart.


 2012/2/13 11:34


Since the country abandoned God, God gave her up to depravity.

Well, not necessarily. The country hasn't totally given up on God. There are millions of Christians still within it's gate that still believe in God in some fashion or other. There is also the sinner on the street if asked, "Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God", most will answer "yes".

Then there is the verse that says, where sin aboundeth, Grace much more aboundeth. Where sin is spreading like wild fire, the cross of Christ is even nearer.

There are wicked men in high places, just like in Daniels day. Planning, scheming, seeing what laws can be changed to persecute the believer.

Years ago I remember hearing a prophesy that came forth from an obscure preacher saying that when they fully accept homosexuality as normal, then the judgement will fall rapidly. They haven't accept it fully, but it's coming.

We shouldn't look for judgement folks, I know most of you want to stay the hand of God as long as possible. God loves people and He is doing this to shake them up to see that their wicked ways are sending themselves to hell and they need to see that Christ is the answer and sadly, we as believers have failed to carry that message forward.

If anyone needs judgement it's us. We have come to the place in our existance that we have our lives here and other believers have theirs over there and this should not be. We were not born again to set up our own little kingdoms here on earth, we were born again to bear fruit namely the fruit of sinners coming into the body. Ye shall know them by their fruit. Do grapes gather in thorns and thistles? Our churches are filled with this mixture and others are just filled with the same quality as the person heading up the organization, fruitless plants.

We need to wake up folks and to be frank, I don't believe we know how.

 2012/2/13 11:39

 Re: Aporoved

Agreed. Peter writes so if judgement begins with the family of God what will be the outcome of those who do not obey the gosoel of God.


 2012/2/13 11:52

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 Re: God arranged all these events to send us a message

>>>>Men such as the caliber of Dave Wilkerson have spoken of coming judgement on the church in America. So this brother, I assume be is such, merely follows in the line of the prophets who speak. The prophets will speak of judgement but who wants to hear that stuff. Even if Paul Washer himself spoke it the great majority of self professing believers would reject it. <<<<

Hi again,
This is not Jonathan Cahn's own prophetic word at all, this is something he recognized GOD HIMSELF IS DOING. He was led to Isaiah 9:10 and then became aware of all these things that had happened since 9/11 that EXACTLY MATCH what ancient Israel did as recorded in Isaiah 9:10.

This is not just another prophecy from one of today's men of God, this is a prophecy that leaps out of Isaiah into the present in a completely new way, something God Himself did, a direct message from God through His scripture and through current events, NOT SOMETHING that came through a man's mind. You HAVE to study what Cahn says to understand this. I've only given the briefest description of it but there's lots more. Here's the main part again:

God brought an Assyrian attack against Israel as a warning judgment. They did some damage but it was limited because God wanted the nation to repent. Instead Israel said as recorded in Isaiah 9:10:

>>>>The bricks have fallen down but we will rebuild with hewn (quarried) stone; The sycamores have been cut down but we will plant sturdier cedars in their place.<<<<


America had exactly the same attitude, and two of our leaders EVEN DIRECTLY QUOTED ISAIAH 9:10 not recognizing it is a statement of defiance against God, just thinking it is a nice encouraging message about rebuilding after a disaster.

Just as Israel's bricks were fallen, so AMERICA's BRICKS were fallen -- that's how some reporters described the wreckage after 9/11. AND WE BROUGHT IN A HEWN (QUARRIED) STONE to be the cornerstone of a rebuilt tower just as Israel said they were going to do.

Just as Israel's sycamores were cut down, so A SYCAMORE TREE was uprooted on 9/11, and just as Israel said they were going to replace theirs with cedars or a pine type tree, our sycamore was replaced by that same kind of tree. Why not another sycamore? Because God is making these parallels between Israel and America.

Nobody is making this up. God is doing this.

It gets more and more clear that this is a message from God:

The uprooted sycamore tree grew in the graveyard of a little chapel at the corner of Ground Zero. They made a replica of that sycamore's root system out of bronze and put it next to the main part of that church which has a Wall Street address. The sycamore is a sign of God's judgment but nobody recognized that fact, they all just thought it was a fitting memorial to 9/11. They called the pine type tree they brought in to replace it The Tree of Hope, but it really should have been called the Tree of Doom becuase it reflects the same spirit of defiance of Isaiah 9:10 that Israel expressed. All these things show America's DEFIANCE OF GOD, just as they showed Israel's. So we have the bronze sycamore roots as one sign or harbinger of God's warning of judgment to this nation, and we have the pine type tree as another sign or harbinger of judgment. The quarried cornerstone is another.

But it gets more uncanny. The chapel the sycamore grew next to was the very chapel where George Washington and his first government went to pray to consecrate the nation to God right after he was sworn into the Presidency. New York City was the capital city in his time, not Washington D.C. That chapel has historic meaning as the place where America was consecrated to God. The chapel itself was the only building in that area that was preserved in the attack, and the sycamore tree was what protected it.

And there's more: The land that the World Trade Center was on was originally owned by that church. So the attack on the WTC occurred exactly on the spot where America was consecrated to God. This is a direct message to the nation that God has removed the protections He'd given in answer to Washington's prayer.

And more: The main part of that church has a Wall Street address, Trinity Wall Street Church. The bronze sycamore which is a symbol or omen of God's judgment stands right next to it. The New York Stock Exchange is only a block away. The New York Stock Exchange was originally founded by a gathering of men under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street. Another name for buttonwood tree is sycamore. This is another harbinger from God, this one about America's economy. We've had stock market crashes since 9/11 and the timing of those is absolutely amazing based on Biblical times such as the seven-year sabbath on which debts were to be wiped out in ancient Israel. This part of the revelation is very exact and Jonathan Cahn spells it out very precisely though I can't do it justice. The timing is absolutely amazing but you'd have to listen to his recent talks or get his book to see what I mean.

It was Tom Daschle who was Senate Majority Leader during 9/11 who quoted Isaiah 9:10 on the Senate floor as AMERICA'S OFFICIAL RESPONSE TO THE ATTACK, not knowing it was a declaration of America's defiance of God. It was John Edwards who quoted the same scripture exactly three years late with exactly the same attitude.

God arranged all these events to send us a message about America's defiance and coming judgment unless we repent. It is such a direct message it's like God in mercy is trying to move us to repentance so He can save the nation. This is the most direct uncanny message I've ever heard of. This is not just another prophecy through a chosen prophet, this is something God Himself did with actual objects and actual events in America that exactly match those of Israel as shown in Isaiah 9:10.

I do not do this message justice. You really have to hear Jonathan Cahn or read his book. He's been interviewed on various TV shows and has given all the details in two speeches to Messianic conferences, the latest most complete one called Harbinger II which I'd love to hear but it's not out on You Tube and I can't afford the DVD Jim Bakker is putting out with it on it, and that DVD has a lot of other things I don't want anyway.

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 Re: America Under God's Judgment and How God Tried to Warn Us on 9/11

Deuteronomy 30:19
This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live….

Our father in heaven who is Yahweh is merciful, he has not brought this judgment upon us, we’ve brought it upon ourselves. The whole world has gone the way of Cain, the way of continuous war and rebellion. Jude 11

But how can we be protected from what’s coming? The Holy Scriptures is littered with the answer; but do we believe it?

King David spoke much of the shadow of protection from war and pestilence, disease epidemics and so forth.

He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

Oh!! so there’s a “secret place” I wonder where this is? Psalm 91 is beautiful, we must study it diligently. It tells us where we need to be both physically and spiritually to abide under his protection.

VERSE 5 & 6 You shall not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flies by day;Nor for the pestilence that walks in darkness; nor for the destruction that wastes at noonday.

VERSE 8 Only with your eyes shall you behold and see the reward of the wicked.

VERSE 10 & 11 There shall no evil befall you, neither shall any plague come near your dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways.

Praise Yahweh

 2012/2/13 15:13

 Re: CJ

Sister I think you will find some of us are in agreement that the church, and I say it must be the church, needs to repent. When the scriptures speak of 'his people who are called by his name' he means Christians who know Christ have to repent. Unregenerate America cannot repent for this country does not know Christ. But it must be the church.

I think I posted earlier in this thread that judgement begins with the family of God what will be the outcome of those who do not obey the gospel of God.

CJ let's be clear of one thing. The United States of America is not and never was a covenant nation before God. Despite claims by Peter Marshall, Jr. this nation had no special standing before God. Despite attempts by well meaning men to consecrate this nation as unto God this country has no special place in God's economy.

Therev is only one nation that God favored in scriptures and that was Israel. From Israel came Jesus. Now under the New Covenant it his his bride the church.

Sister we look for a heavenly city in a heavenly kingdom. We are ambassadors for a heavenly King. That king is Jesus. So foes there need to be REPENTENCE in America. Oh yes. But it must the American church that repenten and not the nation. For the church had to be the light to the nation. In that we have failed miserably. And for that we must repent.

Blaine Scogin

 2012/2/13 15:47

 Re: CJ

Sister let me say I an in agreement with the thrust of this thread. However God communicates his message and praise God he is communicating it. We must repent and turn back to him.


 2012/2/13 15:56

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 Re: God Himself connects America with ancient Israel through Isaiah 9:10

There doesn't seem to be any point in trying to continue this thread but I would like to comment on what you said here, Brother Blaine:

>>>>>CJ let's be clear of one thing. The United States of America is not and never was a covenant nation before God. Despite claims by Peter Marshall, Jr. this nation had no special standing before God. Despite attempts by well meaning men to consecrate this nation as unto God this country has no special place in God's economy.<<<<<

We may think this but in fact various of the early leaders of America did commit the nation to God and while that doesn't make it equivalent to Israel there seems to be enough of a connection in God's mind -- GOD's mind -- this is GOD doing all this -- that HE is treating us as almost exactly the same through Isaiah 9:10 and other parts of the Old Testament. This can't be appreciated unless you think carefully about all the "harbingers" I've spelled out here or, better yet, go listen to Jonathan Cahn.

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I have to beg to differ here,about "America is not Israel" because we don't really know who we are. This isn't about replacement theology, either, it is about simple history, facts, and the bible bearing witness to such things.

A study of Isaiah reveals that he is speaking to God's "blind" servant, a witness for God. (Isaiah Chapter 43) Because we do not see where we came from, we think this is not about America.

America's "root stock" of early settlers here was from countries in and around Western Europe. A good majority of peoples in those countries actually are a physical part of the ten Northern tribes of ISRAEL that were cast out of the land around 700 years prior to the advent of Christ. To say that America is not Israel is just not true, and that is why we are experiencing the EXACT SAME THINGS HAPPENING AGAIN, and we know it not (Eclessiastes 1:9).

have a look at this study, backed up by history AND scripture, and pray about it. It perfectly explains the WHY of the judgment, and there is MORE TO COME.

time to wake up and smell the coffee and know some spiritual truths instead of religious leaven.

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 Re: This thread is about a specific revelation not about our preconceived opinions

Hello Judges 44.
This thread is supposed to be about a very specific revelation that God gave to a Messianic rabbi named Jonathan Cahn about 9/11 and His dealings with America. That revelation shows that God Himself is treating America the exact same way He treated His people Israel and He is using the connection to make a call to the American church that is amazingly uncannily direct and personal and ought to be taken seriously by God's people.

This has nothing to do with any supposed blood connection with Israel, it's a spiritual thing concerning America's origins with Christians who dedicated it to God. BUT THIS IS ABOUT JONATHAN CAHN'S REVELATION AND NOT OUR SPECULATIONS.

Now I have to comment: I've been on two threads at SI now and on both threads I had the very frustrating experience that people who responded to my posts obviously hadn't read them through. They didn't seem to care what I actually said, didn't try to address my points except maybe one or two they lifted out of context, but just went off on their own notions, which sometimes involved accusing me of attitudes I couldn't possibly have had.

I've been on some difficult forums in the past but SI takes the prize. I don't understand this on a Christian forum. Isn't there a Proverb about hearing out your opponent or just not answering until you understand what's being said?

Why don't the moderators at least try to be sure that people stick to the topic instead of wandering off on tangents? Well, I suppose that could be a practical problem, I don't know how pressed the moderators here may be.

I began to think it was some kind of joke that nobody on this thread made the slightest effort to respond to what it's actually about -- Jonathan Cahn's revelation of God's hand in 9/11 and how that shows God directly speaking to His church in America -- in literal specific events that echo His word to ancient Israel -- that ought to convince ANYONE of His existence and involvement in His world and His heart for America. Nobody even addressed my first question about whether they'd even heard of Jonathan Cahn and his revelation.

I kept repeating the point and it kept being ignored. All I got was general thoughts about God's judgment of America that have nothing to do with Cahn's study.

I'm new here so I know it can be offensive of me to make comments on how the forum is run, but I'm not going to be staying after these experiences and it began to seem important to mention it. I didn't want to start a new thread to discuss it and maybe putting it here will even get the thread cut, but I guess I'll take that chance.

I love the mission of SI about revival and this thread ought to fit right in, as about God's OWN PERSONAL DIRECT call to us that COULD unify and motivate us, but obviously it can't if I can't even get the topic across.

I'll check back to see if anyone responds to this but at the moment it looks like the thread is dead and my participation here is over.

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