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 Revival daily prayer at 4 AM - prayer needed please

When my roommate moves out of my house, I am going to take in a couple of Seminary students locally for free room and board. The only requirement is they must have a reputation of getting up and praying at 4 A.M. everyday and need a place to stay to finish their schooling.
For where 2 or 3 are gathered together...there Christ is! This way there will be 2 or 3 of us here every morning praying for Revival!
Also, at the same time I will be putting Ads out in the area to let others know that there will be daily prayer meetings going on in my home at 4 AM till 7 AM for any who feel led to come pray for a Revival and their lost loved ones. So I am asking for you when you think about this or when you see your Prayer daily pray that God will prepare the people's hearts to be yearning to gather together to pray for Revival and each other's lost loved ones. 100 years ago I heard that a man did this and 6 showed up the first time and in no time Every church and public building were jammed with people praying and the Holy Spirit being poured out mightily!
Also, when my roommate moves will most of the furniture in the house go with him....I need prayer to find as many folding chairs as will fit in this house for those that God sends to kneel and prayer (or sit if desired). This house will be known as a House of Prayer! So please pray that God will have his will (and Satan and his forces will be hindered) in the preparation of the people He wants to send over to pray for Revival and for each other's lost loved ones. Also, that my roommate will find a great place of his own nearby so maybe he will get saved during it all!!
Please pray for this and for Revival. I thank God for all those that prayed for my salvation (and some died not seeing the answer to their prayers...including both my parents). Who will pray for those that do not have anyone to pray for their salvation? Lord, burn within each one of our hearts the need for Prayer. In Jesus' name.
Thank you in advance Brothers and Sisters

 2005/1/24 21:41

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I am encouraged by your heart.
Continue on.I am with you in the Spirit. My roommate is also unsaved. I pray for him. Only Jesus can touch his heart and the hearts of our lost loved once.

Lord, burn within each one of our hearts the need for Prayer. In Jesus' name.


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O my Saviour, I say to Thee again with more insistence than ever: Teach me to pray; implant in me all the dispositions needful for the prayer of the Holy Spirit. Make me humble, simple and docile; may I do all that is in my own power to become so. Of what use is my prayer if the Holy Spirit does not pray with me? Come, Holy Spirit. come to dwell and work within me! Take possession of my understanding and of my will; govern my actions not only at the moment of prayer but at every moment. I cannot glorify God nor sanctify myself save by Thee.
-Jean-Nicolas Grou (1750)

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 Re: Revival daily prayer at 4 AM - prayer needed please

Hi PJ,

Distance is a small measure. Knowing that you and those the Lord sends will be up at the sacred hour will be an encouragement to me as well.

For whatever reason there seems to be a stamp on these peculiar ones. One thing for certain, it won't be out of duty but of anticipation. And if the chairs don't arrive, no worry, just have to go a little lower...

Will start preparing straight away.

Mike Balog

 2005/1/24 22:56Profile


Thanks for the encouragement everyone. When I think of almost going to hell forever and only by the grace of God (which I think tons of prayers for my salvation helped pave the way) was I convicted and gave my life to him. EVERYONE I knew said after I was saved that there was no way and I would be back to my old ways. No one had ever seen God deliver anyone they could think of out of the sins I was covered in. Yet God not only saved me, he delivered me from the clutches of the Devil and the hell I thought was happiness and drowning in.

It brings tears to my eyes when I think of the people who are up to their chins in sin and almost taking that next step into everlasting hell. Who will stand between them and God to beg him to bring that person to conviction and salvation? They are someone's daughter or someone's son, is it your brother, sister, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece...or maybe they are all alone with no family....but no matter what they appear to matter how sinful....Jesus died a horrible death for you, me and heart feels a lot like it's going to break thinking about how lost they are especially when everyone gives up on them and stops praying for them or has died leaving no one to pray for them.

Where would I be now if someone had not stood before God like Moses did when God was going to wipe out the children of Israel? The power in prayer is God's children praying for his Holy Spirit to be poured out with a great and mighty revival for Jesus' sake who desires it. Then many lost souls will be detoured away from Hell. Maybe it will be your roommate, mother, father, sibling, your loved ones....maybe even the person you can't stand the most. thoughts are flowing like water this morning. And so are my tears.

 2005/1/25 5:30


I love you, I love your spirit. Y'know, I consider my prayer life pretty robust, but its time to kick it up a notch in the Holy Ghost, and set my alarm to 4 am, thats PST, which is 6am central, but who's counting.
May God give you a intense revelation of His will in your life is my prayer.
in Jesus' love, Neil

 2005/1/25 12:26

 Re: Intense Revelation!

Last night I prayed...give me more compassion and love Father....teach to pray better.....

Last night the Lord took me into a nightmare of personally witnessing the wave after wave of distractions and injury bodies being slammed from behind with more distractions and killing them and moving them forward to the river of destruction. I even saw a Lady whom I know that was looking at me with pleading eyes as her injuried body was tight against a distraction of wood....a second later another distraction slammed behind her and killed her as she went suddenly forward to the river of destruction...body after body....sandwiched between kinds of distractions and being pushed forward down the river of everlasting destruction.

I awoke and went into the presence of God in Prayer. My prayers took on a new urgentcy and pleading for lost souls that I know and don't know. This morning's prayer time was intense...and may it get even more intense. People are dying without being saved. And too many people are letting their loved ones die without Really pleading with God and grabbing for his ankles to really ask to be accursed for them so that they might be saved. I let my Uncle die and burn in hell now for 10 years so far...I disobeyed God and did not go tell him that he had 2 weeks to live and it was his last chance to get his live right with God or die in hell. I disobeyed.....I loved him...I feared him....I disobeyed....and I have to live with the thought of my favorite Uncle burning in hell forever. It will never happen again....NEVER. Even those who I hated....I claim Romans 5:5 that the Holy Spirit must help me to forgive and love them...and I pray for them....that maybe one day I will see them walking in heaven with me.

Do you Really pray and beg God for the salvation of your loved ones and those you hate? Do you fast and pray for them? Do you really let yourself be put out to pray for them? Do you really care? Really? God sees your heart...

Intense Revelation....your wish for me was granted and so was my prayer! May it be more intense revelations....may I be taken to hell and shown my prayers and my life will be even more on fire to seek after the lost.

 2005/2/5 6:50

 Re: Bless God!

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing that, and opening up. God is really shaping you and molding you in a special way, and my prayer is that He use you as a worm of revival, and that in this nation of 270 some odd million people may He listen particulary to your travails, and your groans and your intercession and change the course of this nation before its too late.

I KNOW He hears you, my prayer is that He now pour water on a dry ground.

I love you PJ

(this is a latter edit) PJ, I'm going to make a personal committment to seek an audience with our Father tonight, saturday, around 8 pm pacific coast time, which is 10 yur time. I'm going to worship Him, and speak with Him, and seek a deeper revelation about the Christ Who lives in me, and I shall rest in Him tonight, and I shall also pray that the Spirit leads me to pray what He wants to pray tonight. If you (or anyone else) reads this, and is so led, please join me, on our knees, and, Praise God, on our faces.

Jesus is so wonderful.

 2005/2/5 14:17

 Re: Good to hear

Glad to hear your commitment. Here is something you might like to hear!

For those who want to use it....I have created a Private Chat room for any who are invited to share and pray together in. This way no one will bother us that wants to disrupt our prayer. Make sure you have a Microphone attached to your computer and sign on to Yahoo for a Chat name....then email me at with your yahoo chat name and I will add you on to be able to join in.

We can use this chat room at anytime as long as you are invited in to join...once added on the list you are free to use it (I will only delete anyone who disrupts the prayer time foolishly).

Remember this is on YAHOO and you will need to get a YAHOO chat's free. Email me at my AOL email address and I'll get you added on and email you back to let you know you are added. I will still have 45 minutes alone with I won't be on till 4:45 A.M. Eastern time each morning that I can....I'll have to set my alarm clock to remind me to break if running long to join in online.

You don't have to wait for me if you want to go in 24 hours/7 days a week to use it and others can join in anytime once invited in originally.
Or you can just hit me up here to add you on with your YAHOO chat name and I will.

See you in the RevivalPrayer4am:1 Yahoo chat room!!! We will be praying for Revival, Salvation for lost souls and for each other's prayer requests!

Hope you all will join in and hope to join in anytime and find others praying there!!

 2005/3/5 20:22

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Is this Yahoo Chat room in operation? I've emailed PJ at, but it has bounced back twice.

I'd like to join, so please contact me.



 2005/5/30 9:40Profile

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