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So many great aspects of your post that I wanted to comment on.
You wrote:About I understand its definition it means not being extreme. One can be extreme by denying beauty or go to the other and deck yourself out with all manner of jewels, gold, etc., making your self look very expensive.

One thing I did not tell you is that Evelyn speaks to women about the issue of Biblical femininity, the Proverbs 31 woman; how to be a woman in a world that has masculinized females. The way modern women look, act is repulsive to me. The contrast is so stark it is disgusting.

I understand it better this way to. GOD is all about balance not one extreme over the other. Women can dress themselves very modestly and still draw attention to themselves. A woman dressing like a man in very loose clothing to cover herself is still drawing attention because she looks out of place just as women who dress the harlot draw attention to themselves.
I know what the original poster is going through and its not easy. As wives we do want to please our husbands and that is a good thing but how to navigate through in today's world can be ruff.

GOD loves beauty HE demonstrates that all the time but I think as women we need to pray and seek HIM daily on how best to dress so that all the attention will be directed to HIM and not toward us!

Thanks again for sharing this with us.
God bless

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"GOD loves beauty HE demonstrates that all the time"

It seems to me that those of us who are interested in modesty forget this attribute of our God. Just look at nature all around you - ever notice the coloring of birds? Ever wondered why God placed two red feathers in a patch of brown on the wing of a cedar waxwing bird? I decided it must be to befuddle the logic sense of this ignorant gal! {{smile}} I see God expressing delight and joy in his creation. Do you not? Consider the color, the shadows and the colors within; the shapes, the angles...God loves beauty. I just know beyond a shadow of a doubt that heaven will be so beautiful it will take our breath away - if we have any, that is.

And....we are made in God's image. We possess the ability to create beauty as well, not on the level God did, but to be creative in our environment, our homes. Scriptures teach us to not be extravagant but resourceful. We want to spread delight and joy, this is part of our calling in being a woman - and this is beautiful. My ability to 'create' is right in line in my relationship with the LORD. I used to say I do not have a creative bone in my body, but once I learned to walk close to the LORD this changed. To pursue this for its own sake is self serving, but allowing it to flow out of a heart that loves the LORD is a totally different thing.

A very different rabbit trail is it not? {{smile}}

Be blessed!

Sandra Miller

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