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Discussion Forum : General Topics : The Rock that is Higher than I

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Hi Elizabeth,

I am so glad that we worship a God that is higher than our circumstances, He will not allow you to be overwhelmed, He is your way of escape. Bless you sister........ bro Frank

 2012/2/9 12:18


I thought I would include a reply that I got on this piece from my websight by a great friend and author, Wayne. He is a humble man of the Lord who has endured much agony for the cause of Christ in his life and it shows in the depths of his writing..............

Dear Saints – this sheep-like and perilous tendency is found in all of us if we are honest, to seek the one true thing, the one true man, the one true church, the one true model or pattern. Yet the Master said “Follow Me” and “Come and see” and “Take My Yoke…”. We are enjoined, nay commanded to look to Him alone, above all else. Whatever plays out must flow out from the life and living truth that is found in Him alone. We are now His Body, His living tabernacle and He alone is our High Priest, under all orders whether Aaron or Melchisedek. As we come completely to Christ all that came before must fall away, everything that pointed to Him, and shadowed Him in the old way. These were mere parables and reflections of the One True Reality! If we are honest, as we look out at the landscape and even inwardly at our own hearts – it is Moses or Elijah we want, for we can see them, and they are of the earth. And this desire, this subtle and powerful persuasion to follow those who follow the Lord, those who have seen something – this is foolishness at best and delusion at worst. “You have no need for any man to teach you” wrote John. What did he mean? And the Lord said “the Holy Spirit will teach you all things.” What did He mean by this?

Dear Saints, what our dear brother Frank has shared is great wisdom, pearls in fact. I pray we will take these words to heart, and let them become a walking wisdom for all of us.

And for the record, I have followed men in one way or another all of my life, when I should have been following my Lord! They were good men, many of them, sincere men, saintly men for the most part, but they were sheep just like me, and I had no business following another sheep. Then one day I heard the voice of the True Shepherd, and only He can protect me from the wolves without and the wolves within (other sheep in fact). Sometimes it is far easier and more natural to see and hear the other sheep, but by His grace I must learn to follow only Him, for He is the Way to the Father’s pasture.

 2012/2/9 16:55

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Brother Frank,

Thanks for the website.

I'm am already blessed.

 2012/2/9 17:03Profile


Hey Pilgrim,

Praise the Lord. You will find riches there that point to Jesus, we were all like sheep that had gone astray, now we are called to follow the Lord Jesus and Him alone.....bro Frank

 2012/2/9 19:43

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 Re: The Rock that is Higher than I


God had provided the answer. I do not believe sin was the interpretation.

 2012/2/10 6:30Profile


Hi arkp,

Why dont you share your explanation of where you are coming from, giving the context of why David was sacrificing every six paces as opposed to the fact that he had not done that previously, and had the ark on a cart, which was a violation of God's instructions and therefore his freind died because of his disobedience. What are your thoughts? ...........bro Frank

 2012/2/10 12:43

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