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 Loose COnnections

I used this quote last Sunday morning. It is so full of depth and truth I felt it was worth sharing with the SI family.

Begin Quotes:

Increasingly churches have become propositional not relational places. Instead of going to connect with God and others in a meaningful relationship people started going to be convinced of transcendent truth, or if among the convinced to have their beliefs and religious convictions confirmed from the pulpit. The churches started loosing their credibility as a place for sacred relationship when they chose to SPECIALIZE IN THE FORMATION OF A BETTER SPIRITUAL ARGUMENT. The result was people who came to a meeting house to get connected with ideas and formulas more than they did with God and other people. - Leonard Sweet

End Quotes:

THIS is EXACTLY THE PROBLEM I have run into with the major bulk of Evangelicalism. It has been reduced to getting people to agree with whatever beliefs I might happen to have as opposed to getting people to encounter and connect with God and other believers. After actually connecting with God and other believers people are then far more able to connect their unsaved family and friends with the one they have an actual relationship with and know... not just know a bunch of dogma/theology that no one in the world cares two twits about learning.

Duncan Campbell has some marvelous messages on this site concerning how he was challenged early on in the Hebrides revival on this very count. He was asked and challenged , "Do you KNOW God" by several of the local saints. It pressured him to examine himself and return to relationship over religion. Thank God it happened. The accounts of the Hebrides revival on this site in his messages are OUTSTANDING!


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