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 Revival: My (not so) Hidden Agenda

I made this point in one of the 'headcovering' posts but wanted to make it it's own thread.

I have found (by personal experience) that nearly every church that I've went into, and nearly every sermon that I've heard preached lately folks are genuinely seeking revival. I've also noticed that the threads about women not being in positions of authority over men (1 Timothy 2:11-15), and the headcovering issues in 1 Corinthians 11:1-16 are very hotly contested (and I have nothing more to add).

My point is simply this, do we really want the power of the early church and to truly see revival? Or do we want the Lord's power but on our terms? Are we saying one thing, and doing another?

"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much." -Luke 16:10

The Lord in both the Old Testament and New makes clear that 'little things' are important. He didn't just say go build a tabernacle in the desert, He laid out a very specific plan for every instrument that was to be used in service, from the lavre, to the altar, to the instruments that were for the ashes. Only when all of these things were done to the exact instruction did His presence fall. Is it any different in the New Covenant? No.

My own personal desire is to see the church truly operate in the power that it was intended to have, with one purpose, simply this: to glorify Jesus.

He gave everything for me, sparing nothing, He deserves the reward of His suffering.

With this said I've developed a "Whatever it takes" mindset, even if I am wrong I still have nothing to be ashamed of. "I surrender all"

You can assassinate my character and question my motives and even assign all kinds of evil to both of them and frankly I could less because it's simply not true.

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 Re: Revival: My (not so) Hidden Agenda

The thoughts you express are uttered in many places as to the need for revival.
The last time something along these lines was undertaken in Australia was a Billy Graham crusade which involved all and sundry by way of support including the Roman Catholics.
The numbers attending were recorded and decisions made catelogued.
The next two decades saw such a decline in community standards as to morals etc alongside a huge drop off in those attending Churches that the old mainstream Churches had to take drastic action to survive.
This action resulted in the formation of the Uniting Church which at the time i write is so liberal and Apostate
That very soon when my generation are dead and gone those few faithful ones will take with them the voice of contending for the faith.

There would be worldwide a very tiny number of scriptually organised local churches,and therein in my opinion is the root cause of the problem,and hence the cry for revival.

 2012/2/7 17:10

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 Re: Revival: My (not so) Hidden Agenda

I agree with your post. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice his Son whom God himself gave to him, Abraham did not question but obeyed immediately. Logically it made no sense for God to give a Child to a 100 years old man and then to ask the Child back. But Abraham did not look for logic but obedience to the word of God.

Also many who post supporting liberal movement say that Church should respect everyone's individuality etc. But let me tell you, God's system is not democracy. God never asked Israel to elect King for them selves, He appointed kings. Same way a Church also has no place for democracy. It is God's household and he sets the rule, we have to willfully submit to it.


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It is God's household and he sets the rule, we have to willfully submit to it.

Amen. Thank you for your word.


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