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 Christian Plagiarism

What possibly can be the motivation for a Chaplain to the Army and a Hospital to be a chronic plagiarist?

This can only be for self glorification as he accepts the praise and accolades from those around him without so much as batting an eyelid.

He steals from reputable Christian websites as well as some authors with apostate views, even wrote an Epitaph for the late Atheist Christopher Hitchens which was stolen from several sources.

After a personal approach to the individual involved proved fruitless by way of the delete button, a public post was used as a last resort to find answers, the net result being a personal attack on myself by his supporters.

In addition to the above he undermines efforts to witness to Mormons online, and takes same into his circle of friends.

Would appreciate any solutions from anyone interested especially if you know of any similar types of behaviour from someone in such a position as a Chaplain.

 2012/2/7 15:59

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