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Because "im" denotes plurality, could the word or the name Elohim mean "God of gods"?

 2012/2/7 22:17

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I don't want to pretend to be a Hebrew scholar, but the term when directed towards YHWH (God) and in the plural, 'can' be interpreted as 'All Mightiness'. The idea being that God's greatness is a plurality. When used of pagan deities it just means plural in number.

The key, though, is context. It's important to note that Elohim is also used to denote pagan deities in places like Genesis 31:30, Judges 5:8, Psalm 82:1, and a host of other places. Elohim (Elohyim) is an impersonal generic word for God OR gods and is used like 200 times in Genesis alone. It is by far the most frequently used name of God. It translates to Theos in Greek.

Robert Wurtz II

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