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 Re: theEphah

Bro you say there are only two groups of people, believers and nonbelievers. May I ask which are you? Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Are you trusting in him for salvation? Have you been born again?

I ask this because your post seem to reflect a self righteous attitude. I suggest you read the gospel of John. Ask him to reveal Jesus to you. You may be amazed st what a relationship with Jesus will reveal. But in the end only faith in Jesus Christ can save you.

Blaine Scogin

 2012/2/7 13:35

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by rbanks on 2012/2/7 5:50:15

MaryJane said...

After reading some of the more recent posts today I now know that there are some who clearly feel that I am in rebellion toward GOD and/or my husband because I do not wear a head covering, and it does sadden me a little if I am honest. I have prayed on this matter long and hard and sought out my husbands counsel on the matter as well and at this time do not see this scripture as being a command.

Sister this is my whole point, you are saddened and can't live up to others doctrinal beliefs. Legalism kills and is a waste of life for the people of God. It has no love for its subject.

I ask you to reread 1 cor 11.2-16 and see that the head covering for the woman is only to honor her husband and if your husband feels that you are honoring Him then you are not trying to please someone else husband or wife but only your own. Be free from the condemnation of others enjoy the life of the in the Holy Spirit

Notice also vs. 16 it says if any man is contentious then we have no such custom. Now if your husband disputes this custom does not want you or feel that you need to do this custom then He is the one that you are honoring.

Blessings to you!

Thank you for this encouraging post rbanks. I have read through several times the verses in 1 cor 11-12. To be honest because of my background with the RCC this topic was becoming a bit of burden to me. I kept feeling like I was doing something very wrong because I was not wearing a head covering. I got to a point when I became fearful to even pray because some how I thought by doing so I was offending GOD because my head was not covered as some do. I spoke with my husband in length many times and kept asking are you sure, almost to the point of nagging him to tell me that I should wear this cover so that then I could have done something to be right with GOD. Thankfully my husband knows my history and he prayed for me and together we searched the scripture to see what the LORD had for us in this. I think on some level I wanted my husband to tell me to wear the head covering because then "I" would have some way of "doing" something that would be pleasing to GOD. I wanted to have a rule to follow is the best way I can explain it...but I know now that is not what GOD has for me. HE has been showing me that I have to live by faith and trust in HIM and not fear. I can't get caught up in "doing" all the right things because then its because of self(at least it has for me) I have to look to HIM place my trust, faith, and love in HIS hands and let HIM be LORD of my life. I realize that only by living this way will I really seek to please the LORD because that desire to please HIM will come from an outpouring of HIS love for me and not fear that I "must" do so thing to win/earn HIS love...
This has been my experience on the topic, however I have nothing but love and respect for those sisters in Christ who feel led by the LORD and their husbands to wear the head covering. I don't see it as my being right or others being wrong but rather learning that this is where HE has me to be and I need to be faithful to HIM, just as I am sure my sisters feel they must be faithful to HIM by wearing the head cover.

Anyway thank you and God Bless

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Hi MaryJane,

Thanks for sharing. I too was raised in the RCC. My mother and Aunts and Grandmothers all wore the doilies. That's what they called them. Protestants call them head coverings.

It's not because the Catholics wear them that we don't. Though, I want to stay as far away from the RCC as possible. (Far from Rome, Near to God is a good book). We just don't "see" it in the scriptures. Like I told Sean, we cannot do anything because men tell us to. We need revelation from God. If you are doing something based on your own understanding it can become a false security. We must live by faith. Not saying the "covered" don't live by faith, so please don't misunderstand. Whether covered or uncovered we are all called to live by faith.

Be well,

 2012/2/8 10:38Profile

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