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Krispy Critter, I truly appreciate your post on David Cloud.

I was shocked to see the views of David Cloud on this forum.

David Cloud also rejects Billy Graham, Chuck Colson, James Dobson, Phillip Yancey, Max Lucado, John Piper whose 'Desiring God' I thought to be excellent but Mr. Cloud labelled as heretical. etc. etc.

Granted, their writings, nor anyone else, are not on par with the Bible - God's Word, but it is food for thought. No human is going to be right on all issues, but sometimes you find a treasure which the indwelling Holy Spirit in us will flesh out and use it to bringing us closer to God.

My favorite Bible commentators are Norman Geisler for the NT and Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. for the OT.

I read Warrens Book 'The Purpose Driven Life', and in all honesty, I was not inspired by it.

Arthur Biele

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by pilgrim777 on 2012/2/7 6:03:21

Search engines cannot search the heart. Not defending anyone.

Just need to keep in perspective that search engines are not omniscient.

I learned a lot on the SuperBowl thread. That's a sort of Search Engine of the heart as well.
Thank GOD for HeartSong's post.

But as far as all the questions asked about all of these teachers/preachers - it does help to understand what they believe by "Quotes" and who they are linked up with and what their views are on eschatology - as I mentioned Dominionism that links itself to global-politics and what their endgame/vision for the future of our world is - through direct quotes and the documentable associations that these men are in league with.

It should go without saying that 'Documentable' and out of the horse's mouth is the key word in any Search.

We'd spend less time on threads about men if we'd exert some effort in searching out these men's words and affiliations if we'd only just do some investigative research on them and not just follow blindly or haphardly.

Just like the Superbowl thread - there can be vast differences in opinions by page 3 merely because someone had their spiritual eyes opened and investigated what was going on around them. Caring for others, as in that case, it was for "the children".

I saw the commercials etc through the eyes of a 'man' that doesn't have a wife that looks like those they used to advertise flowers, etc..

Thank GOD for those who care enough about others to do the research, as HeartSong is known to do - eyes wide-open - for the love of others and not self-promoting compromise in which ever way the winds of other's opinions are blowing.

Against the tide or currents is what The Church will always be.

 2012/2/7 9:54


David Cloud is one of those people who apparently has discovered all the truth about everything. To question him about anything is tantamount to blasphemey... at least thats the impression you get from his responses.



 2012/2/7 9:55


Just felt that I should have clarified my statement about what I did see of the SuperBowl.

I was at Dad's and he turned it on an hour into the game. I saw about three minutes of plays and then that commercial for 'flowers for Valentine's day' with a woman that scarcely a few men have for wives and that upset me - for their wife's sakes - and I left Dad's with that.

The only other game I've seen was when N.C. played because that's where I lived at the time and I had to see Janet Jackson's wardrobe "malfunction".

I watch the Yankees with my Dad, and not because I like sports but it's the only way that I can visit with him ... but their commercials on the YES network can in no way be compared to the SuperBowl's and there's no cheer-leaders or half-time depravation.

I just can't see how a man washes his mind of things that he voluntarily exposes his eyes to, or his children to, and I'm not a legalist.

Sorry to go off topic from the OP.

 2012/2/7 11:08

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America's Heartand


Concerning Rick Warren and his desire to get people into God's Word-

One of my old football coaches used to say , Those who can do a thing will do it- those who can't will sit around and criticize the ones who do".

He meant if it was easy to be a starter on a championship football team everyone would do it. However, it required far to much blood, sweat, tears, and dedication for most so they had chosen other courses and then criticized the football team if they didn't like how something went with it.

Coach used to say, "Men, you are paying the price tags to be winners. It isn't easy. If it were easy every scrub sitting on their back side playing video games and watching tv would be a star. However, by dedicating yourselves to this cause you have proven there are no "stars"... just a group of men that have disciplined themselves to reach a goal together that others will never know the joy of achieving". Well said coach! It was so.

Peter jumps out of the boat and walks on water.. yes, we see he lost sight of Jesus temporarily.. but also knew to call out to Him.. and then gets to walk on the water back to the boat. Critics in the boat got nothing... especially to walk on water!

Everyone gets to make a choice in serving God. You can jump out of the boat and take some risks... perhaps have some failures...but look back to Jesus and walk on the water some more. However, you can also play it safe and stay in the boat. You can play the part of the critic looking for a thing to criticize in those who are making efforts to go beyond themselves. You get to choose. Go for a walk in the miraculous... with all the risks it brings or sit in the boat with the critics and spiritual losers that never accomplish anything substantial in their lives but criticizing and whining.

Same here. A lot of folks who are doing very little, or nothing, for God sitting around criticizing someone getting tens of thousands of people to read their Bibles. God have mercy on their division sowing souls!

Before a person opens their mouth critically of this please show your fruit to give you credibility. How many thousands of people have YOU inspired to read scripture on a daily basis? Have YOU earned millions in royalties without taking any and giving it all to missions? Well... have you?

Unless a person has shown some definite fruit to verify their credibility to speak then better to just keep the old pie hole shut. It really is just the same as the kid sitting in study hall, that never played a down of football in their lives, criticizing the play called on 2nd and 4 in a football game. It's criticism offered by a person who has no grid or framework to be able to accurately have a clue. They just show themselves as ...... well I think you get the idea.

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Some of us criticize what he TEACHES... and rightly so. He is a false teacher who promotes celebrities/politicians who are pro-gay marriage and pro-abortion.

I dont think anyone has criticized him for encouraging others to read the Word. I pray lives are transformed as a result... including his own. I pray he doesnt pick the Message "bible" to read for 40 days! lol

I see you're still here, Solomon... telling everyone how to live and what to write and think. :-)


 2012/2/7 11:38

 Re: KrispyKrittr

Your mention of the "Message Bible" seems to have been overlooked by some,in fact several paraphrased Bibles are quoted in the Sermons.

People do not want Biblical truth that touches on sin and repentence.This Church went to the people to find out exactly what they wanted to hear,and the result is obvious,seeker friendly Churches are popular,not Biblical.

 2012/2/7 14:57

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hi, people don't want to hear the lies that have been told about sin. Jesus has put the cookies on the bottom shelf so that a child can get saved or even someone as ignorant as me or you.if you could repent from sin, Jesus would not have died on the cross to conquer sin and death. repentance is turning the rule of your life over to Jesus and reckoning yourself dead.the blood of Jesus takes away sin,all sin.quit majoring on sin and major on Jesus and grace and mercy...aka the gospel... aka the good news.jimp

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