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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : The SUPERBOWL! The worship of Babylonian Mammon at it's height.

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 The SUPERBOWL! The worship of Babylonian Mammon at it's height.

Each year the decadence and the extremity of lewdness increases, as the most watched television event on Earth unfolds for what it is.

It is not about sport, though sport is involved, the same way that the Colosseum was not about sport, but about lust. Over One Billion people will watch today's event, and the ads cost a whopping Three-and-one-half million dollars for thirty seconds.

Madonna, a purely immoral Jezebel-sex "goddess" will perform the half-time celebration. Expect Satan and lust to be glorified....and it is all justified as a blessing of the American know...God and country, apple pie and Football.

Nubian full figured dancers will cheer, and the roars of the worship cheers of the Crowd, inside and out, will be heard for ten miles or more. This is worship, and the God is Mammon, and it is all about the right for each soul to do as they will, and satisfy what they want.

My question is; "How long will God tolerate this in your face...[ God's Face.] insult? I fear, not much longer. At some point soon, the back of the camel breaks. It did in the time of everyone's rude surprise. God is alive, and He sees.

He is sickened at what He sees, when he watches the adoration and commitment that American families have made to wicked idolatry.

I took my grand kids and their parents to Indianapolis last summer for the 4th of July celebration. We rented a nice hotel for a few days, and I hoped for leisure and connection to my family. While there, I was approached by a group of video-packing "students", with Turkish Passports.

They said they were studying the city, for cultural reasons. In our conversation, Allah was somehow brought up, and they wanted me to consent to the fact the Allah, and Jesus....were the same God. I did not, of course, and vocally preached Jesus as one and only God.

Something rose in them, that was beyond rage; It was fanatical, and for me, their cover was blown. I think they were radical Islamist Scouts, searching for a way to kill by terrorist acts.

The first thing I thought of was the Superbowl. Midwest; sprawling, easily accessible; soft target; and crowds in the millions and millions! Bigger by far than any INDY race by three or four! My son, who is not a believer, without any prodding by me, called the FBI and reported them, he was so disturbed at this confrontation.

It would not surprise me if we saw a terrorist attack there. I am not prophesying this, but I believe it's coming, sooner or later. We worship Mammon, and the lusts of our bodies has become a right to pursue as entitled LIBERTY, and God must judge it.

What would I do if this happened. Grieve. It would sadden me greatly, for innocents will suffer, and die. But, in the End, I must fall on Jesus's side, and say Repent towards Him, and receive and believe Him.....Wrath is soon coming....I can feel it.

PS: I like football...but I'm a little grieved right now.

 2012/2/5 16:56

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 Re: The SUPERBOWL! The worship of Babylonian Mammon at it's height.


The world does what the world does. When the world does things that are sinful it is simply the fruit of sin that is in the world. The super bowl is, if you compare it to the entertainments and "sports" of the Romans during Paul's time, pretty mild and remarkably "clean" (I use that term loosely and comparatively).

I do not have anything against enjoying football, baseball, or any other sport for that matter. I listened to the World Series on radio this year and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was perhaps the most exciting week of baseball I have ever seen.

I think the problem comes when enjoyment of a sport transitions to a form of idolatry. It is an issue of the heart, and it take the Holy Spirit to reveal to us when we are in that state, but there are many believers who begin to compromise their walk with the Lord to go after other things (of which the super bowl could be just one example). For example, the advertisements that are allowed to air on TV can be pretty sexually suggestive. To speak plainly, many of them are pornographic. These ads do not always air, and perhaps during the super bowl there were none that could be classified that way. But is it worth watching if I might have to feed my mind this material in the process. We also spend, as a church, very little time in the word and in prayer. I see a great lack of maturity in the body of Christ in general where the word is concerned. How much time do we have to spend in these entertainments when we spend almost no time in the word? I think these are questions a believer needs to ask himself. Does God care if I enjoy a football game occasionally? Speaking as one who has absolutely no interest in football I must say no, God does not mind me enjoying an occasional game. Does God care if I devote myself to that pursuit so that it causes me to be weak spiritually and weak in the word? I think the answer is self evident. By the way, Igniter Media has a video called "Idol Worship" that is pretty interesting.


 2012/2/6 8:34Profile

 Re: The SUPERBOWL! The worship of Babylonian Mammon at it's height.

I am in the minority, these games and other games have no power over me. I do have my lusts as every man has some sort of a lust tucked away whether it's currently being used or currently being put under, it's there. Good wholesome food is my god, and I bathe in it's bounty.

I like what twayne said in his opening post, that the world is the world and the world will do what the world does, rebel.

We as believers really have no business lusting after these "other things" and no different from my over indulgence of delectable food stuffs.

Mark 4:19 And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful.

The danger that we all fall in and use as a crutch to continue doing what we do is we throw in some salt to the mixture to make it more accetable to the hearers. We say things like, "so and so player is a Christian and he ministers to his team mates" or, "Christians minister to one another or to unbelievers while the game is being watched".

It's like the majority of so called Christian musicians. They are first and formost, entertainers. Their living is to entertain. If we worship God through their music than to them that is just a perk, but God is still on the backseat, they can't make any money in just doing what God wants, they have to entertain us to make money. There are a few music groups that rely solely on moving God's way and doing what God wants. If it feels good we call that the anointing. If that is the barometer for spirituality then I can name a lot of worldly songs that are quite uplifting that make me feel good. I digress.

We give all kinds of reasons to watch "the game", as I have give my reasons as to why I need that second helping. Why can't I just have a standard bowl, why does it have to be a salad bowl or worse a Super Bowl.

There are a lot of men that think that by being a man, you must love sports. Then I must be a pansy. I personally will enjoy any sport if I am right there. The last time I saw a sport was live hockey, I loved it. But that is where it ends. I can't watch it on Television, I'd rather watch Gone With the Dog.

I think we lose out spiritually though. Why isn't God our joy?

I remember a time when I was so filled with joy that this world had no attraction. There was nothing in this world that had an attraction that took me away from being with Jesus all day. Even at work, Jesus was my joy. At play, Jesus was my joy. When I'd see Christians debating over scripture, it grieved my spirit. When I'd see Christians going to the movies, it grieved my spirit. When I'd see Christians laud their favorite preacher/musicians/guru, it grieved my spirit. Today we find every excuse going to keep our lust alive because we have replaced His Joy for this beggarly one.

What will it profit me if I gain weight?
What will it profit me if my team wins?

What is our reasons and why do we run to them when someone steps on our lust?

Our reasonings are not good reasons. We give them so that we can keep our lust. We don't want to know God's will because that means taking away what we enjoy the most.

I know people that suffer in their body and when I offered prayer for healing they refused - I am talking Christians here. They refuse because if they were healed then they would lose their health benefit cheque. They are nurturing a fear.

I was talking to a Sister the other day who relies on her husband as the bread winner and to take care of her because she is not able to do some things and when he was having health problems, she pulled out her, "God don't love me" speil. She has a fear of being abandoned. When I told her that she is calling God a liar, she continued saying it. She is nurturing a fear. I could say that to her because she knows better being a prayer warrior.

I am using these examples as to how far we will go in offering a reason for the things we do, even when the reason is balantly wrong.

Lusts and Fears are not that different. One is the need to be satisfied the other is the need to be kept, held. And both work together.

 2012/2/6 9:49

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how about just allowing God to judge such instances and circumstances. He uses all things for his good, and while we do not know what they produce, but if it were not were team sports, the gap of racism and hate would not be bridged.

Sports brings people together, let us not be so radical that we are of no earthly good or sense. Im not implying that of any of u, but we must be careful how we judge or how we see a thing.

God used an ass to speak to people.

God bless

 2012/2/6 10:41Profile

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by ManofGod0000

Sports brings people together, let us not be so radical that we are of no earthly good or sense. Im not implying that of any of u, but we must be careful how we judge or how we see a thing.

ManofGod, amen, sports does bring people together.

Others, I didn't watch it because something came up and ended up doing other things but I had every intention of staying home, popping some popcorn and watching it... for the commercials, of course!! (huge grin) (Ya gotta have a sense of humor, my brothers and sisters!)

God bless,


 2012/2/6 10:52Profile

 It's worship.

In the original post, I wanted to make it clear that this was not an attack on Sports. I played sports much in my youth. I think of England's C.T.Stud, who as a young man played Cricket as well as anyone in England, and became very rich through an inheritance.[ about 21 yrs.]

He dropped it all for the call of God and spent the rest of his life in the Mission field, and died there, at around 70.

My reference was to the worship of it all. It has become a religion to many, and entertainment that transcends life. The flavor of it becomes more and more raunchy each year....and I'm alarmed. I see judgment coming. A Nation that defies God at every sensual corner, but devotes so much to increasing glory at the alter of Mammon.

 2012/2/6 11:04

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 Re: It's worship.

Agreeing with BrotherTom.

Believe it or not, good can come from that evil display - that good is the Grace of our Lord is displayed for allowing more time for them to 'fill up' their sins, "or" to finally accept His free gift. The Power of God Almighty will be displayed in crushing it all when he comes.


 2012/2/6 11:34Profile


Certainly the world and all it's lust and idolatry are always on display during major sporting events. Did anyone notice that in Egypt this weekend almost THIRTY people were killed when riots erupted after a soccer game? Soccer, for crying out loud.

But... I've read on here and on some blogs all kinds of condemnation heaped upon sports and super bowls etc today. I find it kinda funny that a lot of those writing these things today were singing the praises of Tim Tebow a few weeks ago. I wonder if as much would be written if Tebow and the Broncos were in the game last night?

There were Christians there on both teams, they just dont get the spotlight that Tebow gets.

There were some there who were there to honor God. Instead of complaining about the world acting like the world is supposed to act... hows about we pray for those who were there giving their all for God on the field, and those who were handing out tracts outside the stadium... and all the other ministry opportunities that arose out of the Super Bowl being in Indy.

Just a thought.


 2012/2/6 12:24

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I guess to be a good Christian I should just stay in my closet. I guess I should never eat, because someone will have an opinion on my choice of food. O and no TV for sure, I might see a commercial with a woman wearing a pair of jeans, and on and on and on, yes I am sure this is the life the Lord wants us all to lead. It would take a complaint box the size of the Astrodome, to hold all the complaints that most Christians would fill out in one day. :)

Mr. Bill

 2012/2/6 13:05Profile

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It would take a complaint box the size of the Astrodome, to hold all the complaints that most Christians would fill out in one day. :)

Look buddy, now your bringing in baseball too... At least you could have said the Metrodome, or Dallas stadium. To reference baseball in a football thread will get you sent to the corner. Be gone! :-)


 2012/2/6 13:12Profile

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