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 Carter Conlon - The Deepest Form of Benevolent Love

Another life changing message for our generation. This guy is absolutely on fire, blazing for the glory of God. His messages of late have been awesome, I urge you to listen to all of them.

[url=]The Deepest Form of Benevolent Love[/url]

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: Carter Conlon - The Deepest Form of Benevolent Love

I believe you're right that he's on fire and seems to have his hand on the pulse of God for his church right now.I haven't listened to this one yet , but I will. As is my habit I usually listen the preaching of the word as I travel to different cities and states.That's why I appreciate all the excellant audio's here and at places like times square and even Ravi Zacharias ministries site.I also wanted to mention not to neglect Brother Rhodes messages as often times these 2(david wilkerson too) seem to be preaching a different view of the same subject.One diamond of truth looking at different facets of the same truth.


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Another one to download while you're on their site is "A Few Sheep And A White Stone".

His sermons lately have been tremendous.

Jeremy Hulsey

 2005/1/24 19:53Profile

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