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 Thoughts provoked by The Revival Hymn

I'm sitting here right now thinking of the wonders of God. How he has used his servants who are willing, who are ready, and called them to total victory over sin. A soldier of Christ is what I want to be. What does a solider do? He desires to be the best he can for his Lord. He desires all impurity to be gone, all hindrances to be gone, and cannot stop until total victory is gained. A solider is totally obedient to his Lord. No thought of self, no thought of life, no thought of death, just totally obedience. A solider loves not his life even to death. He cares not of the things of the world, but only the things of his Lord. A solider is what he has called us all to be. Jehovah-nissi (The Lord our Banner) has called us all to rise up out of this mire and muck and fight to the death for the very glory of the Lord to be praised even from the vilest sinner's mouth. Sinners they were saints the must become. Arise thou that slepeth!! Awake from the dead!! And Christ shall give you light. How much do you love your Lord? Even enough to keep his commandments? Surely he is not your Lord if you do not keep his commands. He has called us to be His warriors! Let the old man die! God will resurrect you into a new born warrior. The gates of hell will not prevail. AHHH look around and see all the vain talk this is round about us all. Look at the dead religion all around. Where is the pure religion that is unspotted by the world? Worthy is the LAMB! Worthy! Worthy of blessing! Worthy of honor! Worthy of praise! Worthy to live for! Worthy to die for! worthy is He! OH how we have failed at times! OH how we have swerved. Let us come back to true life which equals death to self and life to the Almighty. Oh let the house of prayer truly be a house of prayer and not a house of entertainment of the world! Oh God, where is the fire? Oh now I see that the old saying is true. "Where there is smoke, there is fire." There must be the encense of our prayers rising up to the throne to bring the FIRE of God. The mouth of hell enlarges itself. And I'm beginning to think that the laziness of the church today is not doing anything to stop it. Do we even care that the knowledge of His glory is not known in Gospel power and truth? Not this watered down Gospel that most have heard! Oh is it not hypocrisy to believe the Bible and not live in it? Where is the man that lives in the Word?

Josh Parsley

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 Re: Thoughts provoked by The Revival Hymn

Zer0 reply searches, the things one can find.

[url=] The Revival Hymn (high-quality)[/url]

[url=]The Revival Hymn (low-quality)[/url]

[url=]"The Revival Hymn" Audio Transcription[/url]

AHHH look around and see all the vain talk this is round about us all.

Mike Balog

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