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 Favourite Preachers

I had an idea... Post a list of your favourite preachers... Odd's are that if you like 80% of a persons favourite list, you will like the other 20% that you may not have heard of...

Here is my list: Zac Poonen, Leonard Ravenhill, Jim Cymbala, Duncan Campbell, Alan Redpath, Walter L. Wilson, Vance Havner, Hans R. Waldvogel, K.P. Yohannan, Derek Prince, Ernest O’Neill, James A. Stewart, Stephen Olford, Andrew Strom & Billy Graham (youtube 1957 or I know a site with old ones)... I Recently heard one sermon by “B.H. Clendennen” and was very impressed. Sermon was titled “Apostolic Preaching”.

I also listen to a lot of really 'old' preachers... Research their name on google with the word "audio" and you'll find their sermons/books in audio format... Audio: George Muller, D.L. Moody, R.A. Torrey, Smith Wigglesworth, Charles Finney, John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, Andrew Murray, Hudson Taylor, etc.

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 Re: Favourite Preachers

I second the vote for Jim Cymbala from Brooklyn Tabernacle Church in New York. Listen to his sermon "Calling On The Name of the Lord" found here on SI. It is also a video. I remember a quote from him where he said that the churches in America are either cemeteries (lifeless) or loony bins (extreme emotionalism) with little in between. How true and sad. I believe it is possible to be spiritually natural and naturally (in Christ) spiritual.

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hi, i would like to list the men that i have heard in person that have influenced my life.the best... danny ost an apostle to mexico who started many churches in mexico with thousands in each ghurch pastored by men he trained in mexico.len ravenhill preached in my home and others in our group and was a friend... a.e. eccles was an apostle to baton rouge and started many churches in this area with men he trained and helped our church grow from 5 people to the 15000 or so it is now...bob harringtonaka the chaplain of boubon street led me to the Lord... i ministered with all of these men.others r.g.lee, j.d.gray,derrick prince , charles simpson, and my pastor who is in his nineties roy stockstill who might be the greatest of all. he was the the pastor of a large baptist church and head of the baptist pastors in baton rouge and got baptized in the Holy Spirit and started a church with his family... the first check he ever wrote on that church account was for missions and we have given over 250 million to missions since.john osteen has to be on my list for he was the one that led me out of new orleans to come to to baton rouge to go to bethany and he was a great man of God. i also have to include ron carter who's demonstration of love to me was the greatest lesson i have ever learned. jimp

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zac poonen, he seems to be one of the few current mentors left who hasn't strayed from the Word, given into the masses, fallen away, died or compromised the Word. keep he and his family in prayer. Lord willing we'll go see him in atlanta next month. we haven't seen him since we lived in austin a couple years ago.

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