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 Bible college lecture videos on iTunes

I hope I'm not breaking SI's 'don't advertise' rule. . . [Moderator, please delete at will if so.]

I've recently discovered lots of free and very engaging lecture videos from bible colleges on iTunes. I wanted to bring it to people's attention so you can check them out on iTunes too if you're interested. The likes of;

Dallas Theological Seminary
Liberty University
Reformed Theological Seminary
Gutenberg College
Oxford University
Abilene Christian University
University of Oklahoma
Wheaton College

Hope it strikes a chord with somebody.

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 Re: Bible college lecture videos on iTunes

OK, ET, I am ignorant...SIGH

Is iTunes similar to YouTube? What does a body have to do to access it?

Sir, I have limited time to figure it out so you will have to tell me. (In case you have not noticed, we have no young persons living here, just a couple of seniors who get vexed having to learn how to manipulate new technology - again.)

I know iTunes is related to music and I am not into it, having seen so much ungodly music on YouTube I do not even mess with it or work to try to understand it. Hope this explains my ignorance.

Sandra Miller

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Until the technology arrives allowing this body to email itself to you and help you out in person, I'll have to try and give some directions:

-Actually, yes, it's a little bit like youtube. You can subscribe to podcasts (like you might subscribe to a channel on youtube).

iTunes lets you play music, videos etc which are already on your computer. You can also stream video like you would on youtube. Most common though, you would use iTunes to download music/video etc to your computer and then watch it.

So how to use it. You need to first download iTunes from here:

Download and install the file. When you run it the first time, it will give you some welcome messages / preference selections - don't worry too much about them.

What you really want is the iTunes-store. In iTunes, there will be a left-hand side column with a list of its activated functions (one will be iTunes store). Click it.

When it opens up the iTunes store, it will have a search box at top-right-hand side. It navigates a little bit like a browser at this stage.

Search for, say, 'Dallas Theological seminary' and it will bring up results categorised under 'iTunes U Collection' (these are University podcasts / lectures), 'Podcasts,' 'iPhone Apps,' 'Books' etc etc.

Click 'see all' next to the 'iTunes U Collection' and it will list all the iTunes U media related to 'Dallas theological seminary.'

Now click on 'Subscribe Free' under each of the lecture collections you are interested in. It will then begin to download lectures from these collections.

You can now close the iTunes Store or click on 'iTunes U' in the left-hand column of iTunes and you will see listed the iTunes U collections you subscribed to.

Click any collection you're interested in, and see what has been downloaded inside it. Double-click a podcast item to play it.

I hope this helps a little bit.

Play around with it, try out its functions and with time you'll have it figured out. . .

The lectures are worth the hassle of getting over the technology. . .

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Itunes is related to anything audio, podcasts, TV, Movies, etc. They have an ITunes University where you can get free college lectures from MIT and Standford in various disciplines such as Engineering, Math, etc. Podcasts related to many subjects from Home Remodeling to Survival to Riding Horses, Ham Radio Operations, Writing and Grammar, Government, Economics, etc, etc, etc.

They carry Christian Music and Christian radio stations from all over America. And they carry other radio stations that you might listen to. Many Bible teaching podcasts are available and you can create your own podcasts.

Check it out. Go to and download Itunes.

ITunes is used by many seniors. ;-)

Hope this helps,

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