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 Re: learned something

Maryjane wrotes........

""If you are a christian," and then went on to give their thoughts/opinions on the topic/verse. I found that interesting because by prefacing a post that way it could be taken to imply that who ever comes along and does "not" agree with what we just wrote or stated in our opinion then they must not be a christian, because clearly if they were a true christian they would see things exactly as we do."

I agree with that sentiment sister........ bro Frank

 2012/1/27 15:31

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These are very good admonitions.

We must be careful. Not only are baby Christians reading through our words, but we may never know how many unbelievers may visit this forum and be turned off from Christ Jesus simply because they viewed our pronouncements about just who is a "real" believer and who is not.

There are certainly essential doctrinal truths that are agreed upon by the collective body of believers. However, most of the doctrinal squabbles that serve to divide the various members of the Body of Christ are not those undeniable truths from God's Word but are little more than commentary presented as "truth."

We must be careful about such things.


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Very true, Chris.

Miccah, The title may be provocative but the title in itself does not tell you about the content of the book.

Yes, the Lord is the final authority. The Bible is very relevant. Heaven and earth shall pass away but His words will not pass away.

Biblicism the way Robert is using it is handling the Word/Scriptures apart from the Holy Spirit.


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I like what John the Baptist said - "I must decrease; He must increase"; and where Paul said, "I die daily".


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Here we are in 2012 looking back on centuries of men and women who loved God and who we think we would offer the right hand of fellowship to. Yet, we also see from our vantage point various things we don't agree with, yet we stand convinced they loved God and gave their life for Him.

If we only had that kind of graciousness (grace) towards one another, today that we so willingly extend to dead people.

Wow, that was a beautiful quote. Amazing post to be sure pilgrim, thanks for sharing!

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